Spotter in the Spotlight: Avery Dwyer

Our Spotter Avery Dwyer

Avery Dwyer is a proud spotter from Boston. Her work involves a lot of traveling and exploring is one of her favorite things to do. Naturally, she became on of our Spotters. Having grown up in Boston, she loves hanging around the ocean or natural sites. Recently she even discovered a new hobby: bird watching!

Because she is a vegetarian, she loves seeking restaurants that offer a variety of diets. And if anyone else needs help with that, she doesn’t shy away from offering it. Avery is very passionate about Boston and everything it stands for: a city full of top universities, filled with cheering sport fans and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee lovers!

If she could describe herself, it would be that she’s very curious and hopes to spark curiosity in others so they find inspiration to explore the world like she does. One of the ways she tries to do this is with her blogs. Here are some of them for you to read.

Independence Wharf Roof Deck

Independence Wharf Roof Deck Boston (by Avery Dwyer)

”Let’s face it. Panoramic, sweeping views often come with a price tag in Boston and any other city. Take the Top of the Hub, for example. It’s got perhaps the best view in Boston that you could ask for, but the food is mediocre and the prices are hefty. If you’re looking for some beautiful views that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, look no further than the Observation Deck at Independence Wharf.”

Full article: Independence Wharf Roof Deck

The Wine Bottega Boston

The Wine Bottega (by Avery Dwyer)

”The Wine Bottega specializes in natural wines, which I didn’t know existed until I came here. As it turns out, many industrially-produced wines may contain questionable additives such as glycerin, dried fish bladders, extract of cow pancreas, silicone oils, and even heavy metals; natural wines do not contain any of these. Though I’ve visited both Napa and Mendoza, I’ve learned more during my visits to The Wine Bottega than I have during my travels.”

Full article: The Wine Bottega

Constitution Beach 

Constitution Beach (by Avery Dwyer)

”My favorite time to visit Constitution Beach is at sunset, when the Boston skyline becomes bathed in beautiful pink and orange light. It’s a great time to have a picnic and catch some nice pictures of the skyline as the planes take off!”

Full article: Constitution Beach

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