Spotter in the spotlight: Cris from Boston!

Our Boston Spotter Cris Concepcion

Cris was born in the Philippines but was raised in Canada. He has previously lived in Cambridge, Somerville and the Back Bay before he settled in Boston. We’re very happy to have had Cris as a loyal Spotter on our team since 2014 and to have met him in his hometown Boston for an illegal outdoor cocktail :).

People here won’t smile at you the way that they do in San Francisco or Chicago. It takes a while here for people to open up and accept you. But once they do, they will bleed for you.”

Here are some of Cris’ favorite spots:

Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library (by Cris Concepcion)

Boston Public Library (by Cris Concepcion)

“The central library at Copley Square is actually two buildings – the baroque and ornate McKim building and the newer, more modernist Johnson building. The stateliness of the McKim will always have my heart, but I have to admit the new Johnson renovation is swanky.  A dreary, lightless 70s interior was replaced with a bright open view to Boylston St., and the addition of a cafe makes it a swell place for working on your laptop or reading your favorite book.”

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State Park

State Park Boston - The platonic dive bar (by Cris Concepcion)

State Park Boston – The platonic dive bar (by Cris Concepcion)

“State Park is a dive bar, but not the sort of dive where disputes are resolved with broken glass or where the toilets might give you cancer. It’s a dive bar as it exists in our collective imaginations, fueled by films of cops, grifters and construction workers, sharing stories over a pint of beer. There’s a comfortable vibe, cheap snacks, and quarters for pinball. There are shuffleboard and pool, and a whole bunch of neon everywhere. It’s the Platonic ideal of the dive bar if Plato drank Miller High Life and ate potato chips.”

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1369 Coffeehouse

1369 Coffeehouse Boston (by Cris Concepcion)

1369 Coffeehouse Boston (by Cris Concepcion)

“Opening in 1994, the 1369 Coffeehouse (known to most of us simply as “1369”) is rather emblematic of a certain classic breed of gathering place. 1369 is a cafe from before espresso was this sort of fetishistic status commodity, when a coffee shop was primarily about having a place to linger that wasn’t home or work, and it just happened to sell coffee and snacks as something to accompany an afternoon of reading a book or talking with friends.”

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