Spotter in the spotlight: Diana Pashkovich from Tallinn

Our spotter Diana

Diana Pashkovich is one of our Spotters from Tallinn. A small but evolving city filled with a lot of hidden gems just waiting to be shown to the world.

Born and raised in Tallinn, Diana knows all the ins and outs of the place. Almost as strong as her love for her city, is her love for food. This is why a lot of Diana’s spots will lead you to some of Tallinn’s best places to grab a bite. She is fond of film and photography, which is no surprise if you have seen the attractive photos paired with her spots. Come follow Diana as she leads you away from the medieval part of Tallinn you find in the tourist guides and into the world of a local.

A couple of Diana’s favorite spots:


Frank by Diana Pashkovich

”This place is great for a serious dinner or a casual night out for a drink with friends. Hospitable service and good music help one relax and have a ball in this lovely establishment. It feels like Ozzie, Chip, and Gabey from the famous musical “On the Town” have come to New York for the first time.”

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Sfäär by Diana Pashkovich

“Sfäär is my favorite place to have a coffee while reading a book or newspaper. It has an extremely relaxing atmosphere, courteous service with good music and modern, seasonal food and beverages. The fresh flowers on the table are a very nice touch which makes the dining experience even more pleasant.”

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Kopli Vintaaž

Kopli Vintaaž by Diana Pashkovich

“It has every clothing item one would want: coats, shoes, dresses, bags, and accessories. There is a special section by a famous Estonian blogger, Estonian celebrities are often seen in clothes from there, and Kopli Vintaaž makes their own sweatshirts. By evening this shop turns into a bar called Sveta, it serves drinks and offers parties on Friday and Saturday.”

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