Spotter in the spotlight: Geoffrey from New York!

Geoffrey Dunbar – New York Spotter

Our New York Spotter Geoffrey is the most prolific Spotter in our network. At this moment he has 170 up-to-date articles online – probably it was even more before winter :)

Geoffrey has lived through many of New York’s manifestations while witnessing its changes. He’s especially interested in spots are accessible to those living with low incomes. Very important in this expensive city!

Geoffrey loves New York because “it has a broad cultural spectrum, manifested in all forms of the arts, food, technology, politics and transportation, with easy access to the beautiful countryside surrounding it, and the other magnificent cities near it.”

Here are a few of Geoffrey’s favorite spots:

Rucker Park – NBA caliber street basketball

Rucker Park New York (by Geoffrey Dunbar)

Holcombe Rucker started the first basketball tournament in 1950 to help unfortunate kids stay off the streets, aim for college careers. Now it’s where big men and children come to strut, defy, dominate, talk trash, make a name for themselves, maintain a name — or lose it.

Full article: Rucker Park New York

Neighborhood Smoked BBQ – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Donnell Rogers’ Smack Grill (by Geoffrey Dunbar)

From the NY Times, “Influenced by the sauces and pork-based barbecue found in eastern North Carolina, Mr. Rogers’s Smack Grill sauce is a no-frills condiment that he describes as “mild, hot, vinegar and spice.”

“It’s the sauce and the pecan wood that makes it delicious,” said… a Smack Grill regular. The smoke, it really sticks to it. It’s awesome.”

Full article: Neighborhood Smoked BBQ – Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Malcolm Shabazz Market – West Africa Market

Malcolm Shabazz Market (by Geoffrey Gundar)

This outdoor Harlem market is run by the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque, the former religious home of the separationist Malcolm X. Now at this market there is food, there is music, and there are bolts of fabric and clothes of the most exciting and colourful fabrics I have seen in ages.

Full article: Malcolm Shabazz Market 

Harlem Underground – Clothing Factory

Harlem Underground (by Geoffrey Dunbar)

The two black female superheroes you see in the accompanying photograph, screened onto T-shirts, represent the forward-thinking ideas of this shop’s owners. They were designed to remind children, and everybody else, that the superhero world is not for ‘whites only’, as has been depicted since that world’s invention.

Full article: Harlem Underground

Subway Portraits – Chuck Close

Subway Portraits – Chuck Close (by Geoffrey Gundar)

Close’s work is a blockbuster, the scale huge (‘yuge’, as New Yorkers Trump and Sanders would say), his work mesmerizing. Arrested, I stared at each piece trying to figure out how it worked, how the colours melted, how an artist could preconceive the final look, if only to have the tiles manufactured and organized.

Full article: Subway Portraits – Chuck Close

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