Spotter in the spotlight: Hrvoje Brigljević from Zagreb

our spotter Hrvoje

Hrvoje Brigljević is one of our spotters from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We’re happy to have met Hrvoje both in Zagreb and in Athens (Spotters Weekend 2016) where he showered us and many others with “Visit Zagreb” souvenirs. Nobody of our Spotters will ever forget his city :).

Born and raised in the city, Hrvoje’s family has lived there for generations. Because of this Hrovje has a special connection to Zagreb. Which he describes as a truly cosmopolitan city, if on a smaller scale. He’s a coffee & burger lover, and is very active in the city finding the newest spots!

Some of Hrovje’s favorite spots are:


Medvegrad by Medvegrad

“The Medvedgrad beer hall and brewery started work on December 22, 1994, as the first mini-brewery and beer hall in Zagreb. I have to say that I discovered it a couple of years later and from then it became a place I visit on a regular base!

Full article: Medvegrad

Cerovečki Umbrellas

Cerovečki by Cerovečki

One of the great examples of Zagreb craftsmanship is the family Cerovečki. With an unstoppable tradition over a century old, they have been producing umbrellas and sunshades, which became known for their quality and durability.

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 Ožujsko Pub Maxi

Ožujsko Pub Maxi by Hrvoje Brigljević

“With a specially designed space, different musical events, the right pub food and a superb range of beers from a large assortment of Zagreb Brewery, Ožujsko Pub Maxi a unique place for the gathering of fans of beer and a good time.”

Full article: Ožujsko Pub Maxi

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