Spotter in the spotlight: Idan from Tel Aviv


This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Idan from Tel Aviv !

Idan was born and raised in Tel Aviv! He moved to Washington D.C. for a couple of years but then realized that home is where the heart is and his heart was always in Tel Aviv. He decided to move back home to Tel Aviv and has not regretted his decision since. Idan enjoys traveling, discovering new cultures, tasting different types of food and meeting new people. Idan has been part of the Spotted by Locals team for six months now and the local tips that he has provided are absolutely amazing!

Idan loves Tel Aviv because of its multi-cultural feel, it has a bit of  Middle Eastern and European feel or ambience. According to him there’s so much to do in Tel Aviv; you could either go to the beach and spend a calm day there or you could go out and about around the city and explore different hidden spots.

A small selection of Idan’s favorite spots:


Image by Questomania

Now you can also Escape in Tel Aviv, the creation of this escape room is a recent trend that many locals are absolutely thrilled about. The concept of an escape room is simply being locked up in a room that has a certain theme, for example a Zombie attack or a Soviet police station escape theme, with different clues that you and your team have to solve before the 60 minutes are up in order to escape. This is the perfect place to see how you would react under pressure!

Cocktails & Dreams

Image by Idan Teram

This bar takes you back to the 80s with a touch of a tropical vibe! So you’re in Tel Aviv but in a totally different atmosphere, which is probably a lot different than the expensive cocktail bars in the city. Everything about this place is certainly amazing, the ambience is very welcoming and the staff make you feel right at home. The bartender carefully crafts the cocktails, which end up being masterpieces due to their delicious taste!

A little advice from Idan: Cocktails & Dreams has a great happy hour, every day from 18:00 – 20:00 and 14:00 – 19:00 on Fridays, you will get 50% off for every drink you buy.

Cafelix Levinsky

Image by Idan Teram

Cafelix has the best coffee in Tel Aviv!  They brew their own coffee and even offer customers special blends that they have for sale. However that’s not the only thing this place has to offer as the atmosphere is certainly worth appreciating with all the graffiti they have on the walls! Now enjoying a cup or two of a delicious morning coffee at this spot just got more enticing!

Rothschild 12

Image by Idan Teram

Image by Idan Teram

A live show venue can be found at Rothschild 12 in Tel Aviv! This spot is also a restaurant so you can also indulge in some delicious local foods. The vibe inside the building is very cool and chilled and the interior design is even better! Don’t let the old facade of this building fool you, both the restaurant and the live show venue are an absolute local favorite! You will definitely be hearing cool local music and many pop culture legends such as David Bowie!

 Garger HaZahav (Golden Chickpea)

Image by Yoav Peli

Hummus in Israel? Many of the locals will travel to different cities just to eat some of the best Hummus! Well this cool and hip spot offers Tel Aviv locals really delicious hummus for a very great price! The hummus is served warm with olive oil, chickpea grains and warm pitta bread. Many locals just like Idan truly enjoy this spot for its laid back vibes and its fresh and healthy delicious food. A must visit spot when in Tel Aviv!

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