Spotter in the spotlight: Ingrid from Tirana!


This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Ingrid Xhaja from Tirana!

Ingrid’s passion for art, music, and culinary arts are some of the things that motivate her into finding the best spots in the city of Tirana. In addition to this, she is also a food blogger and a marketeer so you can imagine all of the excitement she feels when she discovers new restaurants, locals shops or coffee spots. That Ingrid has a deep passion for Tirana (as do her fellow Spotters by the way!) was very clear when we met her in Tirana a few months ago.

Ingrid loves the city of Tirana because she loves how it is constantly in development. Over the years innovation and new projects have attracted many people, especially the young and hip! This has had such a great impact on the city and its citizens that many new spots have opened their doors for the people living in and going to Tirana. The idea of finding new spots and very nice locals spots in the city is what Ingrid is fond of and that’s why she loves to share tips about different spots in the city of Tirana with YOU!

A small selection of Ingrid’s favorite spots:

National Gallery of Arts

Image by National Gallery of Arts

Image by National Gallery of Arts

Do you believe we see art everywhere we go? Whether you think so or not it’s all about your perception on what art really is. Well luckily for us all there are institutions which preserve conserve, exhibit, archive and restore different works of art. One of these institutions is the National Gallery of Arts, one of the most important institutions in the city of Tirana to date. You may be wondering what makes this National Gallery of Arts so different from the rest? Well, this National Gallery of Arts has some of the most important locals exhibitions, which include the beginning of painting in the Albanian cities (1883 – 1930), Realist paintings and the Drawing School (1930 – 1950), Socialist Realism, Creation of the Models of the New Man (1960 – 1989), Modernist paintings and sculpture (1989 – 2001), just to name a few.

Whether you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or you’re simply looking for new ways to appreciate art; visiting the National Gallery of Arts will be a great fit for you!

SALT Restaurant

Image by T Bar

You know that new restaurant that just opened in the city and EVERYONE is talking about? Well, SALT is that restaurant in Tirana! With its central location in the Blloku area, a plus for customers, Salt also incorporates a modern and innovative concept with a touch of sustainability! This is the perfect spot for the warm days and night of spring and summer. It offers Italian-inspired dishes that go very well with the great choice of wine, beers or house cocktails.

A personal tip from Ingrid: Order La pizza lunga’ (Long pizza), which you can order by the centimeters and is served in a large tray for everyone to try!

The Funky Moustache

Image by The Funky Moustache

Are you looking for healthy or natural food or juices? Well, then The Funky Moustache is the go-to spot! The best way to replenish your energy after a great workout, a jog in the city, or on a hot summer’s day, is with a natural vegetable juice or smoothie. That’s why the smoothies, juices, and healthy sandwiches are a must try!

Many locals have enjoyed this spot since it first opened because it was the first place in Tirana to offer the juice and smoothie bar concept! Its wonderful and relaxing atmosphere, along with its minimalistic interior, is what makes this juice bar such a hip and popular spot in town!

Garage Pub Tirana

Image by Garage Pub Tirana

Tirana is filled with many different local pubs, but none of them are like this one! Garage is a new pub in the city center located close to other bars and pubs. Its American 60s concept is what makes this spot the most unique pub or bar in the city! Their many different drinks, beer, and delicious foods is why Ingrid and many other locals truly enjoy going there.

On weekends they organize events which put local artists in the spotlight, where they perform in a old hippie mini van inside the bar like the one in the picture above!  I’m sure that would really capture your attention as it once did for Ingrid.

A local tip from Ingrid: try the fresh draft beer!

Nobis Wellness Center

Image by Nobis Wellness Center

An all- in-one spot to exercise and relax is at Nobis Wellness Center. It has a gym, an indoor, pool, and a spa! It does not get any better than that! The perfect spot if you would like to go for a swim or simply just need a day to relax at the spa. The SPA has a sauna, steam sauna, Kneipp passage and a jacuzzi! This wellness center also has a hairdressers and even a restaurant; just in case you get hungry.

The perfect place to relax and release all of the week’s stress. Ingrid truly recommends this fully equipped wellness center for all of your health and beauty needs!

For more tips by Ingrid  and her fellow Spotters check the Tirana blog!

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