Spotter in the spotlight: Joel from Stockholm


This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Joel from Stockholm!

Joel was raised in Stockholm and truly loves to travel but even after visiting a lot of other amazing places, Stockholm remains his home sweet home. He is a qualified freelance Stockholm tour guide, which has allowed him to show his passion for the city by sharing its history and incredible tips with everyone else. Joel has been a Spotter for 8 months now and has definitely contributed a whole lot by sharing his tips on our Spotted by locals Stockholm blog.

Joel loves Stockholm because it is a beautiful city filled with some astonishing spots and some wonderful places that he is sure you will find interesting.

A small selection of Joel’s favorite spots:

7:ans Champagnebar

Image by Joel Rapi

Having drinks with a view is a great way to spend your time in Stockholm. According to Joel this is “one of Stockholm’s oldest theatres and has, together with the famous Mosebacke Terrass, offered generations of Stockholm’s artistic entertainment and a place where you can have a good time.” Finding this incredible spot can be a bit tricky but totally worth it when you visit.


Image by Joel Rapi

Exploring new historic places is always enticing but these historic streets in Stockholm make the journey much more fascinating. According to Joel, “Prästgatan, or Priests Street, gets its name from the priests serving the main Cathedral Storkyrkan, who traditionally had their lodgings on Prästgatan 18. A tradition traced back to the 14th Century. During the 18th century, for a number of years, Sweden had its own prohibition and a number of illicit “speakeasies” could be found here, often underground in cellars.”

Katarina ölkafé

Image by Jan Hoglund

What happens when an American and two Swedes decide to start a bar focusing on craft beer from the Stockholm region? Well, the best bar in Stockholm is created and it’s called Katarina ölkafé. A great place to discuss local breweries with the knowledgeable staff.

A local tip from Joel: while pondering over which beer to have next, have a pastrami sandwich!



Traveling and experiencing Stockholm like a local has its perks since you will not find these places in your regular tourist guides. Moreover, despite all the urban development going on in Stockholm this spot is filled with history and craftsmanship. This small suburb came to life at the turn of the 19th Century, as a result of a severe housing shortage in Stockholm.

“It became a popular area amongst craftsmen to build their own houses using wood and other cheap materials not allowed in the more regulated inner city. This made for a creative and colorful mix of buildings together forming a small town in itself with its own railway station and church.”

Vinbaren Gondolen

Image by Vinbaren Gondolen

Image by Vinbaren Gondolen

This spot in Stockholm has a laid back atmosphere that you will surely enjoy. Their selection of wines and alcoholic beverages outnumber their food items on the menu. Joel writes that all waiters are trained sommeliers and are genuinely interested in suggesting great wines. This is definitely the right place to discover many different wines because they have more than 50 wines served by the glass to choose from.

For more tips by Joel and his fellow Spotters check the Stockholm blog for tips!  

Are you a Stockholm local?

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