Spotter in the spotlight: Josep Nycz from Toronto

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Our Spotter Josep

Josep Nycz has been a Spotter ever since we started a city guide in Toronto, with a little break when he was traveling around the world.

Since Josep grew up there, he pretty much lives and breathes the place. It gives him a unique perspective about the city and really connected with both people and places, which is the advantage of being a local native.

Joseph loves the CN tower. Even a glimpse of it, will give him a feeling of pride and happiness living there. Also he really enjoys days at the beach to suntan, going for a bike ride, and despite the fact that there are often delays, he enjoys the subway rides. They are a “people watcher’s dream”.

A couple of Josep’s favourite spots:

Business District Sculptures

Toronto art

Business District Sculptures by Josep Nycz

“On evenings and weekends Toronto’s business district takes on a very different feel. The skyscrapers are all surrounded by small park-like courtyards and it’s really nice to just go sit around there and imagine the hubbub that happens right here during the week.

But among all the little plazas there’s some really cool sculptures that I just love.”

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St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market Toronto

St. Lawrence Market by Josep Nycz

“One of the places I always take my visiting friends to is St. Lawrence Market. It’s an amazing place for food aficionados and a great place to get a picnic-style snack. There are countless vendors all selling different food types and you can pretty much get any ingredient your heart could think up.”

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Black Market Toronto

Black Market Toronto

Black Market by Josep Nycz

“If vintage clothes are your thing, a must-visit destination is Black Market. They have one of the widest selections in the city for pretty much anything you might be searching for, especially accessories. Every time I stop in, it’s hard to restrain myself and I often leave with several items.”

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