Spotter in the spotlight: Kevin from Antwerp

This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Kevin Ducheyne from Antwerp!

Kevin is truly in love with Antwerp and it’s a place he is proud to call home. He loves to live life to the fullest and enjoys the most chaotic and amazing adventures. Kevin admits he has a curious and inquisitive nature. His perspective on life has allowed him to focus on the things that truly matter; and traveling is a never ending adventure that runs his life. Kevin has been a Spotter for almost 3 years now and his tips for Antwerp are a great contribution to our Spotted by Locals Antwerp blog!

Kevin loves Antwerp because the city allows him to wander around aimlessly and the atmosphere of the city allows him to just be himself. She’s got it all, says Kevin! Here’s a small selection of Kevin’s favorite spots:

Urban art – Sint Andries

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

In the heart of Antwerp lies this incredible gigantic mural, which is twelve meters high and eight meters wide, dedicated to the Sint Andries MCs. This fantastic tribute to the MCs truly demonstrates all the love and support the Sint Andries community has for these phenomenal artists. It’s a wonderful place to simply look at this stunning masterpiece and admire all of the urban street art Antwerp has to offer!

De Taloorkes

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Traveling to different countries means indulging in some of the most delicious local food. This spot in Antwerp has the most incredible traditional Belgian food! The warm and welcoming ambience of this phenomenal restaurant makes you feel like you just took a break from the city. The menu is written on the walls and the mouthwatering meals at this traditional Belgian restaurant will certainly be worth a visit while you’re in Antwerp.

A local tip from Kevin: Try their ‘stoofvlees’, ‘witloof in de oven’ and their ‘videe’. All three courses are mouthwatering. The daily specials are a safe choice for those on a shoestring budget!

Cinema Zuid

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Are you a film lover? If the answer is YES, then this awesome cinema has all the best classic films for your amusement. Beware, you might feel extremely nostalgic as some of the movies may remind you of your childhood! This is the best place to spend an evening in the city without having to plan a whole day out. According to Kevin it will certainly beat watching television and drinking wine in your hotel room, so just sit back relax and enjoy the movie!


Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Vintage or modern favorites? Whatever you prefer Antwerp has it all! This fascinating street will take you back in time as it’s filled with charming antique and vintage design stores dispersed all over. It is a small district that comes alive on Sunday! Does shopping for vintage items buy you happiness? Whatever your answer may be, shopping at this absolutely charming street in Antwerp will surely make you happy!

A local tip from Kevin: begin at this square pictured above and continue towards the end of the Kloosterstraat!

Botanical Garden

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

After all the adventures in the city you might need to find some peace and quiet. Kevin recommends this small green oasis in the heart of Antwerp’s swanky area  located in the Leopoldstraat and the Huidevetterstraat with its characteristic theatres and high-priced shops.

This stunning botanical garden has nearly 2000 different plants. Moreover, there is also one greenhouse that houses a hodgepodge of cacti!

A local tip from Kevin: Sit down on the grass or an available bench with the smoothie or coffee that you purchased earlier or soak up some sun at this phenomenal garden while enjoying a chapter or two of your favorite book!

For more tips by Kevin and his fellow Spotters check the Antwerp blog for tips!

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