Spotter in the spotlight: Nicoletta from Venice!

This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Nicoletta Bortoluzzi from Venice!

Nicoletta has been a Spotter for almost a year now. She has lived in Venice for most of her life, with some breaks in Belgium and many trips around the world. As an individual she is curious and she enjoys exploring different things to distinguish what makes them unique. She writes, “Connecting special people to special places is just my cup of tea”.

Nicoletta loves Venice because she finds that the city is breathtaking and filled with rich history, art and beauty. According to Nicoletta, Venice is the only place that she knows of, where the sky and the lagoon at times come together in a unique show.

A small selection of Nicolette’s favorite spots:

Officina del Gusto


A colorful, warm and welcoming ambience and delicious food, these are some terms to describe this fascinating restaurant in Venice. The perfect location to enjoy an evening as a local by trying out their mouth-watering local dishes such as “baccalà” and “risotto”. This spot offers seasonal dishes and selected products of good quality, including meat and fish. If you are a vegetarian, the restaurant also offers special dishes to suit all of your needs. Nicoletta also mentions that Officina del Gusto is also a location for concerts and presentations, cooking classes and other events mostly linked to topics such as health and environmental sustainability.

A local tip from Nicoletta:  Try out Officina del Gusto’s great selection of teas and coffee from around the world along with a piece of cake or homemade cookies.



The island of Giudecca is the ideal spot to get away from all of the tourist crowds and enjoy a peaceful time. This island offers the most breathtaking views and remains one of the most authentic locations because it is mainly occupied by locals. Moreover, the island also has some of the most important and amazing churches in Venice.

In order for you to get there you must plan a vaporetto or water bus trip or buy a daily ticket.


Image by NicolettaBortoluzzi

Image by NicolettaBortoluzzi

Arts and craft shopping is definitely a must do activity. This spot has the most incredible handcrafted objects, carefully selected by the shop owner. The most unique characteristic about this spot is that each object has a story linked to it. You’ll find housewares, such as cups, teapots, candle holders, various pottery, as well as illustrations and artistic framed photos. This the ideal spot to shop for a nice gift for a family member or friend.

Squero San Trovaso

Image by Nicoletta Bortoluzzi

Image by Nicoletta Bortoluzzi

In Italian the word “Squero” indicates the site where small boats, typical for the Venitian lagoon, such as gondolas, pupparini, sandoli and many others are built and repaired. This spot is very unique because there aren’t many locations like this one around in Venice anymore . Since boats are the most common way of transportation in the city this location represents the love and craft behind these astonishing boats.

Basilica dei Frari


Rich history and architecture are definitely the most sought out characteristics in the city. But this religious and important building, known as the Basilica dei Frari, is certainly a masterpiece! The Frari church is an impressive example of Venetian Gothic architecture and its construction dates back to the XIII and XIV centuries.

Filled with history inside and outside, this church contains many great value works of art , including two paintings by Titian (one of the most important Venetian artists of all times, buried in this church), a triptych by Giovanni Bellini (considered one of the masterpieces of Venetian painting of the ‘400s), and a wooden statue by Donatello.

For more tips by Nicoletta and her fellow Spotters check the Venice blog for tips!

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