Spotter in the spotlight: Olfat from Cairo!

Olfat Galal is a civil engineer, who’s passionate about languages and meeting people from all over the world. She loves exploring and sharing new spots in the city she grew up in. We met Olfat and the other Spotters last year in Cairo and loved her spots.

Here are some of Olfat’s favorite spots:

Alku5 – Jungle atmosphere

aiku5 Cairo (by aiku5)

aiku5 Cairo (by aiku5)

alku5 Gallery is a “gate to another world.” where you can experience 4 different very Egyptian moods (jungle, cottage, mayor’s house & Bedouin seating) in 4 different rooms. It’s an art gallery and a great place to have coffee. Also they regularly organize live music events.

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Aquarium Grotto Garden – Caves and aquariums

Aquarium Grotto Garden Cairo

Aquarium Grotto Garden Cairo (by Grotto Garden)

“Aquarium Grotto Garden is located in Zamalek and was established by Khedive Ismail in 1867. It had been a place for kings and princes only. In 1902 it opened for the public for the first time and now it’s a park with 49 different aquariums where you can learn about nile and marine fishes.

The ultimate moment of relaxation for me here is when I bring my favorite beverage, and enjoy some reading or coloring between the green areas there. It’s spot also suitable for relaxation and time for yourself.”

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Enjoy a traditional Tanoura dance show

Obet Al Ghori Cairo

Obet Al Ghori (by Al-Tannoura Egyptian Heritage Dance Troupe)

When we were in Cairo to meet our locals, our Spotter Olfat recommended us to visit a traditional Tanoura dance show in Obet Al-Ghori, a hidden building inside the huge Sultan Al-Ghuri Complex. It was a wonderful experience!

“It’s a hidden, underrated historic gem that’s being used for a traditional spiritual performance called Tanoura which is Sufi singing and dancing. The skill & poise are unparalleled in the show. The peaceful atmosphere fills my soul when I watch this spectacular show among these ancient walls.”

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