Spotter in the Spotlight: Rachel from Seattle!


This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Rachel Lucus from Seattle

As a sociology student who has been doing a lot of volunteer work & studying abroad she moved back and forth to Seattle a lot (we actually met her in Rome!). Since 2014 Rachel has been sharing her love for the beautiful city of Seattle as a Spotter.

Rachel loves the local culture of Seattle. “Seattleites love local stores, restaurants, and everything else as opposed to big chains”. She also really loves the diversity that the city offers in terms of arts, culture and food.

Below you can find a small selection of Rachel’s favorite spots in Seattle!


Image by Rachel Lucus

Image by Rachel Lucus

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, Parfait ice cream shop with its constantly changing 14 flavors, is the perfect place for your short weekday break.

The variety is so huge here that it will be a tough choice before you decide which one you want to try. But don’t worry, the friendly staff will give you the right advice so that you will definitely be satisfied with your choice.

The Majestic Bay

Image by Phil H. Webber

Image by Phil H. Webber

If you are tired of all the similar movie theaters The Majestic Bay Seattle might just be for you. Here you can actually feel the old classic atmosphere that cinemas used to have.

The location of The Majestic Bay only adds to its charm as it is surrounded with plenty of cafes and restaurants which gives you a chance to have a nice continuation of the evening after you watched the movie.

Bauhaus Coffee

Image by Rachel Lucus

Image by Rachel Lucus

Seattle has a big and diverse coffee culture and, as our local mentioned herself, even if you are not a coffee person the city will turn you into one. In addition to high quality coffee they serve here they also have very helpful and friendly baristas.

So whether you go to Bauhaus Coffee to work or just start your weekend morning, here you will absolutely enjoy your time here. And if you forgot to bring your book with you, don’t worry, because they have a selection of books you can use while you are there.

Ursula Judkins Viewpoint

Image by Rachel Lucus

Image by Rachel Lucus

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, but get a picturesque view of that same area, then you should definitely head to Ursula Judkins Viewpoint.

In addition to the breathtaking view you have of the skyline, this Seattle place also is quite close to the coast, the sound of waves will only give a more peaceful feeling to the view.

Metsker Maps

Image by Rachel Lucus

Image by Rachel Lucus

Any traveling lover will spend a lot of time in this shop since you can find basically any maps, globes, journals and travel guides you can think of.

Even if you are not into travel guides yourself then this shop can turn into the perfect gift shop to buy maps for your friends for decorating their walls.

For more tips by Rachel and her fellow Spotters check the Seattle blog.

Are you a Seattle local?
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