Spotter in the Spotlight: Sean from Vancouver!


This week’s Spotter in the spotlight is Sean Garrity from Vancouver!

Sean has been sharing his love for Vancouver through Spotted by Locals since 2015. Having been born and raised in Vancouver Sean still takes joy in exploring one more neighborhood or one more coffeehouse in the city. Not everything new he experiences turns out to be the best of course, he admits. But that is why Sean thinks it is very important to share his experiences and give more insights as a Vancouverite to other locals and travelers when trying to find a hidden gem.

What amazes him about Vancouver the most is the diversity that the city offers in terms of activities and places to visit. It doesn’t have any shortage when it comes to both outdoor activities and urban spots and trends.


Image by Maya

This spot is absolutely a must go-to if you want to have finger-licking delicious breakfast or lunch. Anything you order here will taste heavenly as the chef here has more than 20 years of experience. However, a big tip from Sean is to try something that has hollandaise sauce in it. Similarly, Truffle-Lemon hash browns should definitely be on top of  your “to try” list since you will remember the divine taste of it long afterwards.

Thomas Haas

Image by Maya

The most mouthwatering sweets can be found at Thomas Haas in Vancouver. The secret to such delicious delicacies is probably the love that the pastry chef puts into his work. Sean reckons the chef seems to have found his purpose in creating the tastiest pastries and making travelers fall in love with Vancouver even more.

Anything you try here will exceed your expectations, however if you want something both very tasty and not heavy then the pistachio cake might be the perfect choice for you.

Postmark Brewing

Image by Sean Garrity

This old warehouse that is now turned into a brewery will puzzle you with the amount of beers and wines they offer. So be ready for a tough choice when you enter. In case you are absolutely lost in the choices you can always ask the staff because they will be more than happy to help you out.

The snacks here are of equally high quality as the drinks. However, do not expect to have big and heavy portions here as the food is mostly an addition to the drinks, hence you probably cannot have a proper dinner here.

Revolver Coffee

Image by Roland Tanglao

Image by Roland Tanglao

Vancouver is a city that certainly doesn’t lack high quality coffee places. However, Revolver Coffee, which is a representative of real Vancouver culture, is so unique that they hardly ever use the same beans here to make coffee. That is to say they import the beans from different countries each month.

When seeing how the baristas are making coffee and how much love they are putting into what they do one just cannot help seeing them as people creating art.

O 5 Tea Bar

Image by Maya

In this bar tea is taken very seriously. Actually, the owner of this place travels to different family-owned tea farms and builds connections with them before buying them. Hence, buying tea is not only a sole business for the owner but it goes further with creating personal relationships at its centre. Thus, the flavors here are constantly changing.

A tip by locals is to know when the next Tales of the Road activity is going to take place since the you can get to hear different stories from all over the world by the owner.

For more tips by Sean and his fellow Spotters check the Vancouver blog.

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