Spotter in the spotlight: Sebastian from Bern!

Sebastian Meier is a former history student, then political journalist in local newspapers, now working for the Bern city government. And promoting his city Bern as a Spotter of course :) We met Sebastian this year in Bern and loved his spots

Bern is known as the slowest city in the world, the music capital of Switzerland, it has the best urban swimming river I know, a giant anarchist culture temple in the middle of the city and – yes – it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. I find that quite impressive for a town of 140,000 people…”.

Here are some of Sebastian’s favorite spots:

Heitere Fahne Bern

Heitere Fahne (by Sebastian Meier)

Heitere Fahne (by Sebastian Meier)

“Imagine a very old wooden house in a quiet neighbourhood, families eating pizza on a large terrace, children playing in a former bowling alley, old people playing cards inside, hipsters drinking at the bar while a young man with a mental disability announces a gipsy swing concert in the built-in theater hall. That place actually exists! It’s called “Heitere Fahne” (Happy Flag) and lies at the foot of Gurten hill a little outside of the city center.”

Full article: Heitere Fahne – Old tavern brought back to life

Kellerkino Bern

Kellerkino (by Sebastian Meier)

Kellerkino (by Sebastian Meier)

“One reason I like Bern as a city is its underground layer. There are literally hundreds of basement stores lined up along the old town boulevards and you can spend days (and nights) just diving into these hidden worlds down there. You will find flower shops and theaters, nightclubs and record stores, hemp shops and bakeries, bars and barbershops. My favourite basement happens to be a cinema though. Kellerkino (basement cinema) is a tiny cave with a 1.6 meter high canvas and a 36 red armchairs. Claustrophobics like me perhaps should take a look into that dungeon type of cinema before buying the ticket.”

Full article: Kellerkino – Cinematic underground

Wasserspeier Bern

Wasserspeier (by Sebastian Meier)

Wasserspeier (by Sebastian Meier)

“Imagine wandering through Berns’s cobblestone streets. Your eyes spot a Swiss 5 cent coin – one of those golden pieces of money you can literally buy nothing with in Switzerland. Would you bow down to grab it? Most Swiss probably wouldn’t, because – yes – we are all very very rich (sarcasm off). But what if you spotted a whole bunch of 5 franc coins – those large, heavy silver coins with the head of what most people mistake for William Tell on it (it’s actually a nameless peasant). Of course you would bow down! Everyone would, right?”

Full article: Wasserspeier – Spoiler alert!

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