Spotter in the Spotlight: Tjaša Janovljak from Ljubljana

The Spotter in the spotlight this time is Tjaša Janovljak, our long time (10 years!) Spotter from Ljubljana. Tjaša loves traveling, photography, oh and saving the world! What she loves about Ljubljana is its charm and that while it’s not as big as other European cities, it tries really hard to offer you the same…

Check out some of Tjaša’s favorite spots:

Azil Bookshop Café New Square

Image by Tjasa Janovljak

“What used to be a tiny bookstore called Azil (Asylum) is now a bookshop café that combines two bookstores and a café. The atmosphere here is truly cozy and you can almost smell all the knowledge that the shelves store!”

Full article: Azil Bookshop Café New Square

The Roman Pyramid

Image by Tjasa Janovljak

“A piece of history renovated less than a century ago by the architect Joze Plecnik. Because of its stone structure, free climbers spend hours here, hanging on the wall, trying to learn the grips. On the top of the wall, you can relax, have a beer or just watch shirtless climbers training their muscles.”

Full article: The Roman Pyramid

Stara roba – Nova raba

Image by Tjasa Janovljak

“The first thrift store in Slovenia, which is how Stara roba – Nova raba is promoted. The name has a nice play on words in Slovenian and it means ‘used items – new usage’. It’s needless to say that this place is full of interesting things and full of history.”

Full article: Stara roba – Nova raba

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