Spotter in the Spotlight: Yuko Ogino from Paris

Time for a new Spotter in the spotlight: meet Yuko Ogino from Paris. She was born in a traditional Japanese family and is a passionate traveler and food enthusiast. When she was a French/Italian student in the UK, she spent a couple of months working in a boutique in Paris and fell in love! She promised herself to come back there one day, so in 2012 she made the big move and never looked back. Luckily, she became a Spotter to help others fall in love with this great city, just like she did back then!

Keep reading to discover some of Yuko’s favorite Paris spots:


Image by Yuko Ogino

“When staying in touch with friends abroad, I prefer to send unique cards or to write letters, but I always struggled to find nice stationery in Paris. Luckily, the Lancryer stocks a selection of classic stationery, including Japanese stationery, as well as items such as craft kits that could make good gifts!”

Full article: Lancryer

Le Collège des Bernardins

Image by Yuko Ogino

“In the early 13th century, the Abbot of Clairvaux decided to found a school to train Cistercian Monks. Today, after being used for several other purposes, it’s once again being used as a “cathedral school”. The building is beautifully modest, and I find that it’s a very peaceful haven for a little break.”

Full article: Le Collège des Bernardins 

Rue Crémieux

Image by Yuko Ogino

“In the Quinze-Vingts neighborhood not far from Gare de Lyon, an eternally cheerful street spiders off rue de Lyon. The painted terraced houses lining the relatively recently cobbled Rue Crémieux are quite wonderful to stroll past. There’s just something magical there!”

Full article: Rue Crémieux 

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