Spotters meeting Spotters in July

It’s so nice to see so more and more Spotters are meeting up. There used to be a time we knew where all Spotters were hanging out, but there’s so much activity now it’s almost impossible to follow. We hope Spotters keep sending us pictures when they meet other Spotters :)

Here’s some pictures of meetings that were sent to us in the last few weeks only.

Athens Spotters (and co-founder Sanne & Bart) meeting on the beach during the heatwave

Brussels Spotter Renata visiting Riga and meeting fellow Spotter Zaiga

The Cologne team meeting up!

Edinburgh Spotter Fiona & Glasgow Spotter Gill visiting Porto and meeting Spotter Tiago!

Tel Aviv Spotter Igor grabbing a beer in Barcelona with fellow Spotter Ilse

Los Angeles Spotter Kristina meeting fellow Spotter Svetlana in Belgrade

Berlin Spotter Marcel in Munich meeting Kleopatra & Ayla

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