#spottersweekend2018 – in our Spotter Elena’s words

We read so many beautiful words on social media about last week’s #spottersweekend2018. You can find some of them in this article.

Our Saint Petersburg Spotter Elena wrote us an email. With her permission, we publish it here!

I’ve never met a crowd so diverse in age and origin and professions and experiences and travels working at the common goal of making the world more hospitable and clear and friendly. It makes me happy to belong to these people (and your project, S&B, of course!).

More of it:

I envy Europeans, of course, because of their no-visa-needed life and travels (and closeness of other countries). It helps me to think outside my boxes when I’m faced with so many people who were born here, lived there, studied somewhere else and now are in different place. It’s rally rare in my country and I get to see how it could be different.

In my country, travel equals “getting rest”. And pictures. And validation from your friends that you did something right. I prefer to be closer to get the experience of “living abroad”, even if it’s just for couple of days, rather than “ok, then show me the sights, I’m a tourist — or don’t you want my money?”.

Spotters help me see some kind of nomadism and citizenship of the world is possible, they show it in their own ways of doing, both via app tips and our marvelous weekends. I see that it’s possible to “be you and explore the worlds of others”, not “be someone who gets validation from others”. I also see that we, people, are so similar, no matter the countries and experiences. We’re somewhat the same at the core, at heart. At least spotters are.

It’s hard to explain! The weekends are most valuable for me on the emotional level. I get the feeling of belonging to this great crowd (where people could be really different from me, even their values, and still we can share and listen).

See you again! 💙

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