Subway Faux Pas – What isn’t locally accepted?

Moscow Subway 7 (by Robert Dann

Moscow Subway 7 (by Robert Dann

The subway system in a city is a great way of getting from A to B. While we love to complain about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) or tardiness (of which there should be a lack) of the public transport system, we use it often. Especially when exploring a new city to give your tired feet a rest, or to cram more of the city into a visit of a few days.

If this is you then you’ve probably noticed that things aren’t ‘done’ the same way in every city. Feargus O’Sullivan has written a great article about the quirks he’s noticed when traveling on Europe’s subways. The article is a neat guide on do’s and don’ts whilst using public transport in Athens, Rome, Paris, Berlin and London. From grabby┬ámen to impolite elders and whether or not you can leave your newspaper behind for the next to find…

I wonder what the general consensus is about eating, or street performers…and can we make it a rule that you’re not allowed on subway trains unless you’ve used deodorant (or had a recent shower)?

But back to you, I’d love to know what the local practice is on your city’s subway!

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