Subway Faux Pas – What isn’t locally accepted?

Moscow Subway 7 (by Robert Dann

Moscow Subway 7 (by Robert Dann

The subway system in a city is a great way of getting from A to B. While we love to complain about the cleanliness (or lack thereof) or tardiness (of which there should be a lack) of the public transport system, we use it often. Especially when exploring a new city to give your tired feet a rest, or to cram more of the city into a visit of a few days.

If this is you then you’ve probably noticed that things aren’t ‘done’ the same way in every city. Feargus O’Sullivan has written a great article about the quirks he’s noticed when traveling on Europe’s subways. The article is a neat guide on do’s and don’ts whilst using public transport in Athens, Rome, Paris, Berlin and London. From grabby men to impolite elders and whether or not you can leave your newspaper behind for the next to find…

I wonder what the general consensus is about eating, or street performers…and can we make it a rule that you’re not allowed on subway trains unless you’ve used deodorant (or had a recent shower)?

But back to you, I’d love to know what the local practice is on your city’s subway!

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