Sweat with Locals – Discover a City in Running Shoes


Sweat with Locals

First off I’d like to say that I understand not everyone getting excited about this service. Most people prefer to keep their walking speed to a max of 5 km/h while discovering a new city. But for the fitness freaks, gym buffs and health-conscious folks out there, there’s Sweat with Locals.


Sweat with Locals

The internet really is a marvelous place. It does wonders in connecting people, from renting people’s homes and crashing on couches to swapping tools and ideas. In this case the internet is a tool in connecting like-minded people, running people. Going on holiday doesn’t always have to mean you leave your running gear tucked away in your closet back home. If you’re one of those people who finds the will to take their equipment with them, Sweat with Locals can connect you to other runners in a new city.

Sweat with Locals is a platform where you can sign up for free to be put in touch with running junkies in the city you’re visiting. Besides discovering a city at a different speed, and maybe gaining some local tips, it diminishes the hassle of trying to Google Map a route in a place you’re unfamiliar with. It can also help you if you’ve just moved to a new area or city and aren’t sure of where the good running tracks or routes are.

If you’re worried about being paired with such a fanatic you’ll be trailing behind them, tongue out, wheezing lungs and all, don’t worry as they ask for your running level when you sign up! Although I would recommend they change the star-rating you have to give yourself, to your average running speed. I’m not too sure, was I being overly optimistic when I gave myself a 10-star rating?

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