Testing TomTom iPhone / iPad navigation app

Using Tom Tom app in LA

Using Tom Tom app in LA

The TomTom US office was so kind to let us test its TomTom USA iPhone / iPad app on our trip to North America. So far, we had the opportunity to test out the app extensively driving the highways of the West Coast (including the beautiful Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles!), and in big cities like Los Angeles.

In short, we’re so happy about how TomTom helped us navigate the US, we’ll probably ditch the 2007 Garmin GPS device we use in Europ (when we rent a car – we don’t own a car anymore) altogether and get the Tom Tom Europe app.

We’ve been driving with outdated Garmin maps for years, because the cost of updating them are just too high for such an old device. TomTom’s apps are updated for free!

But the main reason we like TomTom better is not lower maintenance costs, it’s the better navigation experience. The maps tell you way in advance what the next move will be, even displaying the highway road signs you’ll see though your front windows in real life.

TomTom iPad

The best thing about the TomTom app though is its voice navigation. Even with the screen turned off, we understood the friendly Tom Tom lady who very clearly told us what to do, and which lane to navigate to.

We used the app on our “ancient” iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS, which were more than fast enough. That was a positive surprise too.

One small factor that makes us like TomTom just a little bit more than its competition: they’re a Netherlands based company like we are. Another one we’re happy to recommend, just like the KLM who gave us the opportunity to fly us to the US!

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