The 10 most visited Spotter profile pages of 2012!

In 2011, our Amsterdam Spotter Gisela Clarke’s profile was visited the most. This year we decided to show the top 10 most popular Spotter profiles.

10. Asli Boduroglu, Istanbul
Asli starts this list with 1.053 visitors over the past 12 months.

9. Is a tie between Lauren Murphy, Amsterdam and Phoebe Ferris-Rotman from London
Both lovely ladies share the same amount of visitors, 1.080!

8. Lejla Mrgan, Copenhagen
Lejla from Copenhagen had 1.112 people that wanted to know more about her!

7. Gerben Broens, Amsterdam
In seventh place, Gerben with 1.122 unique visitors!

6. Ciarán Fahey, Berlin
Ciarán comes in sixth place with 1.131 visitors.

5. Natalia Irina Roman, Berlin
Another Spotter from Berlin Natalia, with a difference of 6 visitors is in fifth place with 1.137 visitors over the past year.

4. Adam Roberts, Paris
Adam has 1.166 unique visitors to his name!

3. Madelien Schippers, Amsterdam
Madelien comes in third with 1.180 visitors over 2012.

2. Gisela Clarke, Amsterdam
Gisela Clarke was the most popular Spotter last year, this year she’s still very popular leaving her in second place with 1.295 unique visitors.

1. Harriet O’Brien, Paris
Harriet O’Brien, leads the list of Spotters with 1.907 unique visitors on her profile during 2012!

Of course we love all our Spotters (100 of them in the picture above at our 2012 Spotters meeting) the same!

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