The 10 “most popular” Spotters of 2015!

2015-02 Prague Dirtbags weekend 2

One of these Spotters is the “most popular” Spotter of 2016!

Every year we make a list of the top 10 most visited Spotter profiles on our blogs. Of course we love all our Spotters equally, and “most visited” does not mean “best”, but it’s always fun to look at some Google Analytics statistics!

1. Ivan Marra (Rome)


Living in Rome since 2009 and in love with the Eternal City, Ivan is our most “popular” Spotter of the year! Check out Ivan’s articles.

2. Shawn Ruth van Heuckelum (Amsterdam)


Shawn, an Amsterdam foodie and traveler originally from the South of the Netherlands, is second on the list. “Food, traveling, writing, welcome to my world!” Check out Shawn’s articles.

3. Emelie Schuts (Amsterdam)


Emelie, who topped this list last year, is a medical student & researcher who loves traveling. But Amsterdam “is the place I grew up, the place I still live in and the place I will never leave behind.” Check out Emelie’s articles.

4. Gisela Clarke (Amsterdam)


Another Spotter born and raised in Amsterdam, Gisela has been a Spotter for a long time. We’re very happy she keeps moving to another part of town regularly to spot new places in her neighborhood! Check out Gisela’s articles.

5. Anna Nižňanská (Prague)

Anna is Student of Architecture and Film/Theater studies. She’s crazy about traveling, arts, and her city Prague. Check out Anna’s articles & beautiful pictures.

6. Erik Lassche (Lisbon)


Eric is one of the few Spotters who started in 2008 and is still with us. And he’s just as popular as he was last year, again on number 7! Check out Eric’s articles.

7. Sol Baratech (Barcelona)


An avid traveler born in Barcelona, Sol loves her city very much. “The sea. The mountains. Its culture. Its people. Barcelona to me is one of the most vibrant and ‘complete’ cities in the entire world.” Check out Sol’s articles.

8. Ilse de Ridder (Barcelona)

Although not a native Catalan, Ilse knows Barcelona like few others. Check out Ilse’s articles.

9. Alexandre Cotovio (Lisbon)


Living in Lisbon for 20 years, Alexandre likes to share: “my own stories, my neighborhood history and any Portuguese curiosities”. And he does that very very well! Check out Alexandre’s articles.

10. Jérémie Gerhardt (Berlin)


Jérémies is a French color scientist living in Berlin. He is crazy about Hamburgers, beers and the art scene of Berlin, and likes the rhythm and atmosphere of his city. Check out Jérémie’s articles.

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