There’s more to Athens than the debt crisis

Sad stories about the crisis dominate if you read about Greece and Athens in the newspapers nowadays. Budget cuts, job losses, demonstrations… If you only read the headlines, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine locals in Athens are coping and still having a good time.

But they are! Read our selection of articles recently written by our locals below, forget about the headlines for a minute and enjoy Athens like the locals are still doing in these difficult times. And visit Athens to experience it yourself!

To Kafeneio (Plaka)
“In one of the many small pedestrian streets in Plaka, Kafeneio is a perfect retreat for some early afternoon ouzo accompanied by an assortment of Greek delicacies.”

Open Market Kallidromiou
“Every Saturday at the open-air market of Kallidromiou Street, producers from all over Greece sell their goods in a celebration of colours, smells and sounds. You can find fresh fish, fruits, vegetable, homeware or even a snack. […] a wonderful Saturday morning, accompanied with the loud voices of the salesmen.”

Microkosmos Filmcenter
“Film festivals of every kind take place during the year while the normal selection of the films featured in this cinema are of the best kind and from all over the world. But as I said, there is also the bar!”

“Fancy a cup of coffee gazing at a majestic view over the Saronic Gulf? Even a lavish meal while enjoying the all-famous Greek sea breeze? […] Istioploikos is located right on a deck above the sea, simulating the appearance of a ship and offering a unique panoramic view.”

To Steki tou Ilia – Sofia Skioti

To Steki tou Ilia
Traditional in the sense that the menu is limited but really familiar- it’s basically what a mom would cook at home: some salads, simple meat (specialty in lamb chops), fried potatoes, some typical Greek stuff (yes I mean the tzatziki) and so on.”

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