The 10 best read articles of 2012!

Wok Yutaka, Barcelona (by Bill Sinclair)

We looked up the 10 most read articles across our city blogs in 2012!

Number 10 is Wok Yutaka in Barcelona, written by Bill Sinclair. This article had 2.418 views and is pictured above.

Restaurante Pharmacia, Lisbon (by Katy P)

9. Lisbon, Restaurante Pharmacia is in ninth place with 2.566 unique views over the past 12 months. It’s a masterpiece from local Katy Pugh.

Pavilhão Chinês, Lisbon (by Rita)

8. Lisbon, Pavilhão Chinês was written by Rita & Verónica and gained 2.638 views over the past year.

Mlynská Kavarna, Prague (by Tomáš Jungwirth)

7. Prague, Mlýnská kavárna by Tomáš Jungwirth ends this year with 2.667 views!

Movies Cafe, Lisbon (by Katy P)

6. Lisbon, Movie Cafe by Katy Pugh. She’s done it again (and so has Lisbon for that matter), another one of Katy’s articles is in this top 10 at 2.938 views.

Sapa, Prague (by Katerina Vankova)

5. Prague, Sapa by Katerina Kaftanova. This delicious picture belongs to Katerina’s Sapa article, which collected 3.108 views in 2012.

Garage, Berlin (by Jens Schmidt)

4. At 3.481 views is Garage, Berlin by Natalia Irina Roman.

Helmut Newton Museum, Berlin (by Sarah Curth)

3. From a different Lady in Berlin, here’s the well known Helmut Newton Museum by Sarah Curth in fourth place with 3.541 views.

Spreepark, Berlin (by Robby Block)

2. It’s no wonder that this rundown amusement park is in this top 10. How many other cities would have something like this? In second place, it’s Berlin’s Spreepark by Robby Block with 4.979 views.

Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid (by A. Collet)

1. This picture belongs to the number one in this list. With a whopping 9.153 views, Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid is the most read article across our city blogs. Well done Aldara!

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