10 of the Best Photography Museums in Europe

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words. How about tons of pictures that can be found in different art exhibitions? Pictures can brighten up a room, your day, or even your mood! On a rainy (or even a sunny) day, browsing through one or a couple of photography museums is a great way to spend the day. Here are 7 photography museums our locals recommend.

Brückenkopf – Bern

Brückenkopf (by Asia Key)

Brückenkopf is a project by the charismatic Swiss artist Chantal Michel. She installed her art works in 30 rooms, using different kind of media such as photography, videos, perfumes, sounds, etc. As you walk through the spaces all your senses will be touched. This place is surreal, poetic, eerie, romantic and nostalgic at the same time.

Sala Parés – Barcelona

Sala Parés Barcelona photo museum

Sala Parés (by Sala Parés)

This treasure is probably the oldest privately owned commercial art gallery in the world. In business since 1840, Sala Parés Barcelona has the distinction of being the first gallery to publicly exhibit Picasso’s work. They still focus on art and photography, making sure to offer you a very diverse experience.

The Photographers’ Gallery – London

The Photographers' Gallery London museum

The Photographers’ Gallery (by The Photographers’ Gallery)

Our London local Peter´s favorite photo museum? The Photographers’ Gallery.  “An hour in the gallery makes for a peaceful break from the shopping masses of Oxford Street. Who knows, it might even make your photos of fancy restaurant meals or grumpy cats even more artistic?” 

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography – Thessaloniki

Photography Museum Thessaloniki

Photography Museum (by Thessaloniki Museum of Photography)

Located in an old military warehouse at the port of Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is the perfect spot for photographers. Not only do they host beautiful exhibitions, but the spot in itself is a great place to get your camera out. Have a drink at the coffee shop after your visit and enjoy some perfect people spotting.

Portuguese Center of Photography – Porto

Portuguese Center of Photography Museums

Portuguese Center of Photography (by Centro Português de Fotografia)

Photography straight from jail. Sounds weird, but that’s actually what the Portuguese Center of Photography is all about. The former prison is the ideal location to host the museum, with both temporary and permanent exhibitions. Porto played an important role in the development of Portuguese photography: Emilio Biel and Domingos Alvão used to live here.

Camera Work Gallery – Berlin

Camera Work Gallery (by Anna Hantelmann)

Camera Work is a beautifully curated gallery of faces and you never feel awkward about ringing the door of that gallery, hidden in the third courtyard, typical Berlin. Without making a fuss about it, Camera Work simply is good photography. PS: their second gallery is called CWS, Camera Work Contemporary, and is located in Mitte in the former Jewish girls’ school – the building alone is worth the visit to this more recent location and you will discover more radical positions of contemporary photographers there.

Les Douches Gallerie – Paris

Les Douches Gallerie (by Les Douches Gallerie)

Situated in what was once a public bath built in the 1930s, the gallery Les Douches is one of Paris’s best-kept secrets. For anyone passionate about architecture, history or photography – it’s the place to visit.


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