Trend spotted by Europe Locals – Colorful Macarons!

Macarons (by Gourmet Food World)

Forget chocolate (okay not really), but forget little sweets, cookies, and other sugary ‘bad’ stuff. You should be eating macarons! These come in many shapes and sizes, but more importantly in many many colors! A feast for your eyes AND tongue!

Until a few years ago you could practically only buy macarons in France, now they’re starting to pop up in many places in Europe, and our Spotters are definitely on to this trend… Here are 10 amazing spots where our Spotters love to buy macarons.

Maelu – Munich

Maelu (by Ayla Amschlinger)

Entering the city on a still dreamy Saturday morning via Odeonsplatz, Maelu’s colorful little cakes will certainly catch my attention. Polished and neatly decorated, they almost look too perfect to be real. Even though they’re Maelu’s signature pastry in every aspect, I prefer their homemade pralines and macarons. They come in different flavors and colors, so you can mix and match them to a unique composition of your taste.” – Ayla Amschlinger

Huize van Wely & Linnick – Amsterdam

Macarons (by Huize van Wely & Linnick)

‘Linnick, which is located on the Amstelveenseweg, is famous for its macarons, but also offers super delicious pastries and even has a small coffee corner. The bakery can also be seen from the counter that I personally like as it gives it a more personal touch and contributes to the idea that all products are fresh and homemade.’ – Felicia Peerenboom

L’Éclaire – Lisbon

L’Éclair Lisbon (by Claudio Carneiro)

So, just by the description, you know that Matthieu Croiger, the very friendly French owner of L’Éclair, is very serious about delivering the best French pastries in Lisbon. There are around 11 sweet éclairs, plus the special edition ones. And they also make very good macarons.’ – Claudio Carneiro

Ladurée – London

Ladurée (by Peter Hoffer)

Macaron shops have been appearing over London for the last few years. These baked treats seem to be the new fashion trend for those with a sweet-tooth. I have done my duty as a good Londoner (much to the disappointment of my dentist) and sampled a few macarons around town and my favorite is, without a doubt, those of Ladurée.’ – Peter Hoffer

Petite France  – Stockholm

Petite France (by Lorenza Capantini)

Whenever I feel that omelet and cheese is not the type of breakfast I’m craving, Petite France is the place: croissant with jam, coffee or tea and a glass of juice. That’s the French breakfast on the menu of Petite France. If your sugar cravings are not yet satisfied, then you can choose between pain au chocolat, madeleines and of course macarons, all freshly baked, plus a series of amazing cakes. – Lorenza Capantini

100 Grama Sladki – Sofia

100 Grama Sladki (by Boyko Blagoev)

This place serves Italian macarons. Here’s what Spotter Boyko said about the place: ‘I have a very very sweet tooth. So when a place is called 100 Grama Sladki, which means “100 grams of sweets” it cannot stay unnoticed by me for too long. If you also like all kinds of delicious desserts, you should visit as well. Don’t worry, you can buy more than 100 grams.‘ – Boyko Blagoev

arbOOz – Riga

arbOOz macaroons (by arbOOz)

To be clearArbOOz is all about sweets. It’s an outright bakery putting its emphasis on French macarons, which many people recognize as the best in town. -Evija Kristopane

Pasticceria Franceze – Tirana

Macarons (by Pasticceria Franceze)

In my opinion, this is the cutest place in Tirana. It’s like a typical cafe in Paris with a few wooden chairs and tables outside and lots of delicious sweets and cakes on the inside. Pasticeria Franceze looks tiny from the outside but it has a large interior. They make the greatest macarons in town and a lot of other tasty typical French sweets. – Eri Mataj

MoMade Cupcakes – Antwerp

Macarons (by Momade Cupcakes)

No matter what you choose, you won’t regret visiting Momade Cupcakes. It’s not only pleasurable for your stomach, but also for the eye. They are decorated beautifully and with a lot of heart. You can see the different kinds on the website and check the ingredients if you are allergic to something specific. – Regina Janzen

The Cake – Kiev

The Cake Store (by Videoblocks)

Right, all these are prepared meeting all the possible rules and using the right ingredients. Confirmed by me, a macarons-lover. The Cake is spacious and warm, its interior has a lot of wood and bright colors which combined with the good service leaves us satisfied. – Olena Ardatova

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