Trend spotted by Europe Locals – Colorful Macarons!

Macarons (by Julien Haler

Forget chocolate (okay not really), but forget little sweets, cookies and other sugary ‘bad’ stuff. You should be eating macarons! These come in many shapes and sizes, but more importantly in many many colors! A feast for your eyes AND tongue!

Until a few years ago you could practically only buy macarons in France, now they’re starting to pop up in many places in Europe, and our Spotters are definitely on to this trend… Here are some amazing spots where our Spotters love to buy macarons.

Ponių laimė, Vilnius (by Radvile Bieliauskiene)

1. Ponių laimė, Vilnius (by Radvile Bieliauskiene)
“It looks like everybody suddenly found out that there is such a good tasting and good looking sweet thing with a strange name. And now everybody wants it at any cost.” And Radvile recommends Ponių laimė.

Patisserie Tout, Amsterdam (by Maarten-Jan Meyer zu Slochtern)

2. Patisserie Tout, Amsterdam (by Maarten-Jan Meyer zu Slochtern)
Maarten-Jan about Patisserie Tour, in a couple of words:

“And I must admit, the macarons are worth a detour. Especially the raspberry flavor.”

Nikolaos Strangas, Copenhagen (by Lejla Mrgan)

3. Nikolaos Strangas, Copenhagen (by Lejla Mrgan)
Lejla has tried several macarons around the world, but she still prefers this one:

“This might just be the best bakery in Copenhagen, and despite having tried French macarons from across the continents, I think Strangas’ sea salt caramel macaron is the best I have ever had.”

Poison d’Amour, Lisbon (by Erik Lassche)

4. Poison d’Amour, Lisbon (by Erik Lassche)
So Erik writes that a visit to Poison d’Amour just to see the displays is reason enough. You should still try some though!

Just looking at the delicious pastry on display is worth the visit. Everything looks and tastes perfect: from mouth-watering tartelettes to almost-perfect macarons!”

St. Tropez, Prague (by Katerina Vankova)

5. St. Tropez, Prague (by Katerina Kaftanova)
Free sampling!

“If you have a dilemma, which one among the many sweets you should choose, try to take a couple of mini-sweets (I also recommend the macarons, e.g. the lavender one) and then let the smiley madame Nadine pack for you the one which you like the most in its classic size.”

Summerbird Pure, Copenhagen (by Lejla Mrgan)

6. Summerbird Pure, Copenhagen (by Lejla Mrgan)
Lejla likes everything in this shop, so go try them all out (preferably not at once though). Especially the French Macarons!

Ladurée, London (by Peter Hoffer)

7. Ladurée, London (by Peter Hoffer)
“Macaron shops have been appearing over London for the last year or so. These baked treats seem to be the new fashionable trend for those with a sweet-tooth. I have done my duty as a good Londoner (much to the disappointment of my dentist) and sampled a few macarons around town and my favourite is, without a doubt, those of Ladurée.”

Madame Lucie, Bucharest (by Ana Maria Dutu)

8. Madame Lucie, Bucharest (by Ana Maria Dutu)
“Macarons are an extremely popular and exquisite dessert all over the world; they enchant your senses and cater for all tastes. Madame Lucie knows that perfectly well, so she has created, in her very special laboratory, this lovely place that always welcomes its customers with a selection of the finest desserts, from macarons to cupcakes, carrot cakes, cheesecakes, fruit tarts and the rest is up to you to discover.”

Madeleine, Edinburgh (by Sophie Cameron)

9. Madeleine, Edinburgh (by Sophie Cameron)
To sum it all up:

“While many of Edinburgh’s allegedly French restaurants seem about as authentic as Inspector Clouseau’s accent, Madeleine could have been plucked right out of Paris. The pastel-shaded macarons, delicate tarts and exquisite cakes look just as gorgeous as they taste, which is just about as good as anything I’ve tried in France.”

Maelu, Munich (by Emily Rash)

10. Maelu, Munich (by Emily Rasch)
Spotter Emily has a way with words:

“One of life’s simple pleasures is a beautiful pastry that is also sumptuously delicious. Maelu has an incredible array of cakes and pastries that make its small shop seem as if you’re stepping into a Parisian pâtisserie.”

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