Trend spotted by Europe Locals – Juicy Burgers!

Yes Burger, Prague (by Filip Grimm)

Our Spotters (and we, on our trips to meet them) have been noticing yet another new trend throughout Europe and its cities. Burger bars have been popping up in the streets more frequently. A bar or restaurant that exclusively serves  hamburgers and not just the traditional hamburger. Every variation known to man is on offer at these delicious burger bars!

While we are definitely no strangers to hamburgers, more often than not we are strangers to healthy or vegetarian burgers. So thank whatever deity you believe in, because burgers can now be healthy and therefore consumed often! In this list we’ve listed 10 of the best and tastiest burger bars throughout Europe, in alphabetical order.

1.) Burger & Bun in Copenhagen is mouthwatering-good. Spotter Lejla’s picture is brilliant and so are her first few words about the burger bar, “Do you like your hamburger to have a juicy beef-patty, freshly minced and medium well done? Crisp oven-baked fries on the side? Dipped in tangy garlic-parsley mayo?”. We really don’t need to explain anymore!

2.) Burgermeester prides itself on fast burger service. However, don’t confuse it McDonald’s-speed. These are definitely not prefabricated burgers with (plastic) American orange cheese. Nope, this wide variety of burgers is made with quality bread, patty, condiments and other ingredients. Smakelijk eten!

3.) Café do Rio adheres to Lisbon’s favorite concept of eating burgers without a bun. While some burger-lovers may argue that a hamburger without a bun, is not a hamburger at all, we disagree. The fun of this new hamburger trend is the wide variety of burgers that comes with it. They can be organic, vegetarian, healthy, with chicken, lamb or the traditional beef, there really is no limit!

4.) Die kuh die lacht is quite an ironic name for a burger bar. Besides the name, the menu is the main reason to visit this place. Compliant with the new trend this places serves many new and interesting burger combinations, including vegetarian combo’s.

5.) Jo’Burger might not be the only burger bar in Dublin, but according to Spotter Neil it’s one step ahead of the rest because of its “imaginative fillings to the sweet potato fries and even the peri-peri salt. […] cleverly painted walls and menus disguised as comics and children’s encyclopedias. […] the burgers are delicious!”

6.) Love Krove‘s interior is not reminiscent of a 1950’s diner. What it is, is new, vibrant, popular and delicious! Actually, the stark white walls and tables with colourful accents throughout the room only add to Love Krove’s uniqueness!

7.) MC Mueller in Munich is the answer to Munich’s sometimes lack of good burger restaurants! Its burgers are well known and the restaurant moonlights as a club too! So polish off a tasty burger and indulge in some vodka and dancing!

8.) New York Burger in Madrid is a typical American style Burger Bar that offers burgers in three sizes (that is not so typical) with very original ingredients. With some very famous New York landmark names, like the ‘Wall Street burger’ or the ‘Bronx burger’, this place lives up to it’s name!

Pim Pam Burger Barcelona (by Rafa Dujarric)

9.) Pim Pam Burger in Barcelona is there all year round and open till 00:00 to serve you. With delicious burgers, shakes and other drinks this burger-joint serves the best and biggest burgers in town!

10.) Yes Burger in Prague started and concludes this list. Pictured at the beginning of this article, Yes Burger has some of the best burgers in Prague. With its healthy and fresh ingredients this place serves quality food as different from fast food burgers as you can get!

So we’ve probably made you very hungry whilst reading this article. So look up these burger bars and try out their hamburgers. Please let us know! And keep an eye out for new burger bars near you!

¡Buen provecho, Bon appétit, Bon appetit, Smakelijk eten, Dobar tek, Poftă bună and Afiyet olsun!

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