Trend Spotted by Europe Locals – Organic all the way!

Fine dining, expert cuisine, mouthwatering dishes, taste bud exploding, the organic way! Our Spotters know where to go and be and are on to a new trend! Organic dining, organic shopping, organic pharmacies and organic make-up, it’s available in all shapes and forms. Below we’ve listed just a few of these as examples, there’s bound to be one in your city!

Amsterdam, Beter & Leuk, pictured above is in Amsterdam-Oost and has the interesting motto “Stop eating shit, eat good food”. Besides healthy sandwiches, Beter & Leuk also sells beauty products, clothes and gadgets, all organic!

Organic Restaurant, Barcelona – Rafael Dujarric

Barcelona, Organic Restaurant is not only different in its cuisine, which is organic of course, but they also offer massages for after dessert. How’s that for fine dining?

Copenhagen, BioM serves elaborate lunches or dinners, completely organic and vegetarian. You’ll need a reservation though!

Urban Angel, Edinburgh – Anson Clark

Edinburgh, Urban Angel offers organic options for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Local Anson Clark is a regular for their breakfast menu.

Geneva, Carouge Market is the place to be for organic cooking in your own kitchen. Many of the stalls on this market sell organic and locally produced products for you to take home.

Schokovida, Hamburg – Ute Kreitz

Hamburg, Schokovida is an interesting twist. The connotation with organic is automatically, healthy. With chocolate, not so much right? Schokovida sells delicious treats, all fair-trade and organic. If just tasting their products isn’t enough for you, they also have gourmet events where you can attend tastings or make your own sweets.

Istanbul, Vie en Rose “is a natural herbal pharmacy where you can find organic creams, soaps, oils etc and everything is produced freshly at the atelier”. It has a very long product line, anything you can think of in regards to skin and body care, all organic. According to Local Asli, this is heaven for the organic minded folk!

London, Vita Organic has a unique way of serving their food. After ordering at the counter, your meal is served to you in scoops. Also, those of you with allergies, this would be Valhalla for you, as many dishes are dairy and wheat-free.

Munich, Daylesford Organic is a UK-based organic chain that has opened its first cafe in Munich. Their menu consists of organic vegetarian and vegan dishes, but you can also buy rosemary scented cleaning products here!

Oslo, Food Story serves delicious organic pancakes. But that is not all they offer. With an extensive organic menu, craft beers and they also give you the option to buy several organic ingredients to take home with you.

Paris, Naturalia is food shopping at its healthiest. The ‘organic wave’ has hit Paris too and most supermarkets offer a smidge of organic products. The largest, 100% organic food store though, would be Naturalia.

Rome, Urbana47  not only has a wide organic menu of food and wine, they sell their furniture as well! And as of more recently they offer the option of take away too. That’s probably best for those with a hole in their hand, who risk having dinner there and leaving with the entire interior…

Sofia, Zoya BG even looks organic, healthy and fresh in its exterior! Whilst completely relying on word-of-mouth advertising, Zoya BG endeavors to explain the difference between healthy and organic. They sell organic cosmetics, food and organic recipe books. Quite famous are their ‘Super foods’, which are imported from the United Kingdom.

Phenomé, Warsaw – Kasia Boni

Warsaw, Phenomé is last on this list. Like Zoya BG and a few others we’ve mentioned, Phenomé sells organic beauty products. Local Kasia is extremely enthusiastic about this place, absolutely loving the smells of the beautifully placed and packaged products.

We’ve listed quite a few cities with organic shops, but there are many more to find on our daily updated city blogs.

And if you feel like your pet is missing out and should get the same fine and healthy products as you, don’t worry. There’s organic pet food too. What’s your favorite organic restaurant/shop?

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