Trend spotted by Europe Locals – Shisha!

Image by Dungodung

A new trend has been spotted by our Locals! More and more cafes now offer you the opportunity to smoke a shisha in a tea bar, or café.

Above you can see the colorful shapes and sizes of several Shisha pipes. While most people think the pipe originates from the Middle East, it is actually originally from India! Obviously its popularity has grown exponentially throughout the Middle East, North and South America, Europe (of course), Australia and also Africa.

Going by many names, such as hookah, water pipe and hubble-bubble, the shisha is the act of passing “[…] tobacco smoke through a bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke […]“. Most people smoke fruit tabacco with a shisha, but it’s also possible to place other, more naughty, substances in the shisha.

In this list we’ve gathered the spots throughout our 41 European cities that feature a shisha, or HUBBLE-BUBBLE!

Bar Nargile, Sofia (by Juliet Bar Nargile)

Bar Nargile, Sofia
“They offer more than 50 flavours for shisha. If you want, they could add liquids like milk or rose water to the shisha to enhance the aroma further. “

This one sounds like the perfect place for beginners and connoisseurs!

Pur Pur, Zurich
“Inside the venue you get to sit on pillows and smoke the hookah to get in some “1000+1 nights” mood. “

Krishna Caffe, Bucharest (by Raluca Gavris)

Krishna Caffe, Bucharest
“If you’re searching for a place to chill down in a romantic and oriental atmosphere, Krishna would be the perfect choice for you.”
This place also reflects the true origins of the Shisha very well, with its Indian and Arab influences.

Tea Garden, Dublin (by Elly Friel)

Tea Garden, Dublin
If you’re up for an alternative night out. This place offers you the widest range of teas you’ve ever seen, to be consumed whilst lounging on cushion sofas with the hose ending of a Shisha clutched in your free hand.

Tchai Ovna, Glasgow
Especially recommended during the summer, but because it’s soo good and trendy you can get away with it all year round. Coupled with a cup of hot tea, makes it perfect for a wintery night.

Muzi(e)kantenhuis, Ghent
Perfect for feasting your ears on some live music, your tastebuds on some lovely meals and your rebellious side on a shisha!

Czajownia, Krakow (by Hellery Roach)

Czajownia, Krakow
“What goes great with tea? Shisha, a conversation, a good book…there is space for all three at Czajownia. “

Zouk Tea Bar and Grill, Manchester
“The outside area has a Mediterranean feel in summer, but is still accessible in the colder months as heaters are provided.  On the Zouk menu you will also find a selection of Shisha tobaccos, which help to keep the outside space popular all year round.”

Dobrá Čajovna at Ostrovní, Prague (by Veronika Bila)

Dobrá Čajovna at Ostrovní, Prague
“Another reason why someone could prefer the „daughter tearoom” is the smell of hookah that adds to a relaxed atmosphere […]”

The End…
An exciting list to remember for when you find yourself in one of these mentioned cities! Try out the Shisha, or maybe you already have a favorite flavor?

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