Trend spotted by Europe Locals – Shisha!

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A new trend has been spotted by our Locals! More and more cafes now offer you the opportunity to smoke shisha in a tea bar, or café. Above you can see two beautiful Shisha pipes. While most people think the pipe originates from the Middle East, it is actually originally from India! Obviously, its popularity has grown exponentially throughout the Middle East, North and South America, Europe, Australia and also Africa.

Going by many names, such as hookah, water pipe, and hubble-bubble, the shisha is the act of passing “[…] tobacco smoke through a bowl of water to purify and cool the smoke […]“. Most people smoke fruit tobacco with a shisha, but it’s also possible to place other, more naughty, substances in the shisha. In this list, we’ve gathered the spots throughout our 41 European cities that feature a shisha, or HUBBLE-BUBBLE!

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Kafein’s concept behind the space is to fuse global coffee & tea culture with the tastes & spirit of Cairo. Kafein serves premium loose-leaf teas, coffees, seasonal juices, and a small selection of tasty sandwiches and shisha.” If you’re with a friend who doesn’t like shisha smoke, don’t worry. Kafein has indoor & outdoor tables. It is dedicated to inspiring creativity, thinking & making new friendships.

Macera Lounge has a totally different atmosphere to offer. It has a DJ that plays music all night long and they serve big dishes for when you get hungry. Depending on what type of person you are, you either like Macera, or the option beforehand.

How about shisha on the rooftop with a nice view? Nile Zamalek Hotel Rooftop offers this. ”We went to an unknown hotel in Zamalek which looks old. It was the 2-star hotel called Nile Zamalek. We took the elevator to the roof. I was fascinated by the view of the Nile at night. It overlooks the Nile and the World Trade Center and Conrad hotel buildings on the other side. It is a rooftop terrace bar that is quiet and secluded yet easy to get to when you’re dying for a cold drink.”

Shisha Lounge (by Firelimo)


Another place that serves a fusion of all sorts of tea is A Maze in Tchaiovna. Guess this is a great combination. For our Spotter Ivana, this is one of her favorite places because of the good energy. ”The owners – a half-Czech half-American and his wife, are trying to keep this place so special and it requires hard work and great will. That is exactly why places like this have that exceptional energy and I always like to visit them.”


El Denye Hek is more of a restaurant. They serve the best traditional food and the decoration is beautiful. It has a few floors and the upper floor is centered around a fountain and a tree. Space is wide and the ceilings are high, so this means that other people won’t be bothered by any shisha smoke.

Mataam Al Sudan is an African restaurant in Beirut. A lot of the African community in Lebanon come to this spot to relax together. ”I encourage travelers coming to Beirut to try this out since it gives you the sense of what life is for the Sudanese and Ethiopians here. Plus, you get to meet a lot of great people with interesting stories gathering around for shisha at nighttime! It is a great way to talk with people, meet the Sudanese/Ethiopian community of Lebanon and to have a taste of their food!”

Hi Hookah (by


Tchai Ovna, Glasgow
Especially recommended during the summer, but because it’s soo good and trendy you can get away with it all year round. Coupled with a cup of hot tea, makes it perfect for a wintery night.

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