– Where travelers meet locals

“Founded in 2009 by Jen O’Neal and Nate Weisiger, two friends who are passionate about travel and technology, Tripping is about connecting good people around the world and encouraging cultural exchange.” is another great way to meet locals and experience the city you are visiting (or have moved to) like a local. And, like Spotted by Locals, it doesn’t get anymore up-to-date than this!


Like the fellow in the picture above states, sometimes it’s also nice to see something other than a city’s highlights. Tripping is a world wide community made up of people who love to share their city with visitors. Whether it’s simply exchanging tips and tricks or actually meeting up with strangers, these members are all about cultural exchange and experiencing a city to its fullest capacity.

A step up from meeting up or exchanging tips, Tripping now also launched a platform where traveling folk can find apartments and the like in over 15,000 cities. Making the city experience even more ‘local-like’.

Recently Tripping also interviewed Spotted by Locals Founder Bart van Poll (a member of course!) and you can read the interview here.

Tripping is also a partner in the Local Travel Movement – a non-profit organization started up by WHL Group and Spotted by Locals to unite all Local Travel partners.

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