Urban Advertising – Travel with your headphones

Thalys Amsterdam Sounds of the City (by The Inspiration Room)

Rumor has it teleportation will soon be available to the general public. They’re still working out some kinks and patent issues. So while we wait, what is out there for us? Of course, you’ve got great last minute deals from plenty of airlines trying to outbid each other. But what if you don’t have the money or time for that? Well, Thalys and the French advertising agency Rosapark have combined forces and given us billboards…

In a few European cities, they’ve set up billboards where you can plug in your headphones to listen to the sounds of a specific place in another city. The Urban Advertising campaign is to encourage people to use the fast trains to explore Europe.

“We let Thalys destinations speak for themselves.”

Bus bench measures weight (by Fitness First Rotterdam)

I haven’t yet come across similar billboards which incorporate headphones like this, but advertising agencies sure are thinking of great unique ways to make advertising via billboards more interactive. The modern marketer has to pull out all the stops to get traffic to halt and pay attention. Examples of great urban advertising through interactive billboards are the #Lookingforyou video campaign for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home by Ogilvy. The very powerful ad campaign by Swedish cancer fund Barncancerfonden that changed a previous interactive billboard scene into this. And the Woman’s Aid “Blind Eye” campaign which uses the passersby attention to clear the bruises off a woman’s face with facial recognition software, demonstrating that not turning a blind eye can help victims.

Now those are some powerful ads, but would the Thalys campaign encourage you to book the next train for a city trip? Like I said, with the fast-paced life of citizens in metropolitan areas I’m not sure how many people would actually stop, pause Spotify and plug in to hear the sounds of Paris while you’re in Amsterdam.

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