Urban Crabs – The Society of Home Office Swappers

For those who share a passion for meeting new people and the allure of city living, there’s a new initiative in town that’s definitely interesting for you!

Sanne and Bart, the pioneers behind Spotted by Locals have just launched a new social business: Urban Crabs (The Society of Home Office Swappers) will be a community of city-loving hybrid & remote workers.

Airbnb in Athens Greece (by Julia Tulke)

Websites like Airbnb were once wonderful social platforms, but commercial interests have taken over. Short term rental websites are driving up rental prices and causing gentrification. When you swap your home, you don’t leave your apartment empty. It’s safer, more social and more sustainable.

Short term apartments & hotels are increasingly expensive. Swapping is free! If you swap your home, you’ll have your very own apartment in the coolest cities in Europe, without paying for them. 

Meet people who aren’t like you.

Sanne & Bart in Chisinau for Spotted by Locals

Meeting people from other cultures makes us more tolerant, a very important key to making our world a better place, they think. At Spotted by Locals Sanne & Bart spent 13 years traveling and meeting the amazing community of locals from more than 50 countries at Spotted by Locals. They are now taking their mission of uniting the world to the next level!

Sanne and Bart are the trusted connections between all the members, as they meet every potential member in person or via video before they join.

(Not just) for hybrid & remote workers

You don’t need to be a part or full-time remote worker to be able to join. Anyone who has the option to work from home once in a while, or just wants to swap during holiday periods only, is welcome to join Urban Crabs as a member.

Pay what you want

All major home exchange networks charge a hefty yearly membership fee that many people can’t afford. Urban Crabs is a social business – members pay what they can.

As at Spotted by Locals, Sanne & Bart don’t just want members from the “usual suspect” hotspot cities like Amsterdam, Berlin and Lisbon. In many of the countries we’re aiming to expand to many people cannot afford to travel (let alone work) abroad.

Urban Crabs wants to make home swapping available to people who live in European cities where many people don’t go, but should!

Start your membership with a launch party

Urban Crabs is organizing a launch party in Athens Greece a few weeks after the Spotters weekend in Krakow. Anyone who joins as a member is welcome to join the launch party too!

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