Vegetarian Restaurants in Europe – Our locals’ favorites

Bazilika Bistro(By Mankica Kranjec)

Bazilika Bistro, Ljubljana (image by Mankica Kranjec)

Nowadays being vegetarian or vegan is a “trend” spread all over the world. People follow this lifestyle for many and various reasons, some people do it for ethical ones, others because they believe that following this kind of diet is healthier, and some others just do it because it’s cool and it’s the way to be trendy at  the moment.

Spotted by Locals is not here to see what the prevailing reason is, we are here to help you find good restaurants recommended by our locals. Here are some of our European locals’ favorites restaurants, places where people who don’t follow this diet will also be fully satisfied.

Teresa Carles, Barcelona

Teresa Carles (pic by Sol Baratech)

Teresa Carles, Barcelona (by Sol Baratech)

According to our Barcelona Spotter Sol, who is definitely not a vegetarian at Teresa Carles, no matter what you order it’s all finger-licking good! But if you really want to start with something special the tower of veggies is the thing to order!

Veggie, Bratislava

Veggie(by Paulina Pojakova)

Veggie, Bratislava (by Paulina Popjakova)

Veggie  is an obligatory stop in Bratislava! Paulina here highly recommends the wraps or quiches which are good for sure, but it looks like the best feature of this place are the desserts!

Napos Oldal, Budapest

Napos Oldal(by Julianna Kato)

Napos Oldal, Budapest (by Julianna Kató)

Napos Oldal in Budapest offers a delicious daily menu, where you can eat on the spot surrounded by the lovely and cosy design. They also sell ingredients, beauty products and cleaning products that are environment-friendly.

 Trash Chic, Cologne

Trash Chic(by Mathias Weidle)

Trash Chic (by Mathias Weidle)

Not quite a proper restaurant, but Trash Chic is such a cool spot for vegetarian and vegan food in Cologne. Remember that every second Sunday of the month they offer a vegan brunch, most of them with a certain theme like Africa, autumn or cinnamon and sugar.

David Bann, Edinburgh

David Bann(by Fiona Dack)

David Bann (by Fiona Dack)

Despite Scotland’s traditional cuisine having a large presence of meat in it, Edinburgh’s David Bann is proof that things are changing towards becoming way more veg-friendly. This place is the favorite restaurant of our not so vegetarian Spotter Fiona!

De Zuidkant, Ghent

De Zuidkant(by Bennie De Meulemeester)

De Zuidkant (by Bennie De Meulemeester)

Our Ghent Spotter Bennie says: De Zuidkant restaurant is as cosy as your grandmother’s house and the dishes as tasty as your mother’s dinner. Nothing more to add here I guess.

Restaurante Terra, Lisbon

Restaurante Terra(by Raquel Dias)

Restaurante Terra (by Raquel Dias)

Restaurante Terra in Lisbon is one of our local’s favorites due the great quality of food, amazing selection of drinks and let’s not forget the amazing outdoor patio where you can enjoy them, in a serene atmosphere.

Tibits, London

Tibits(by Claire Creighton)

Tibits (by Claire Creighton)

Even if our London Spotter is not a huge fan of buffets, at Tibits she was impressed by the high quality of food here! Watch out! They do charge you by weighing your plate. This doesn’t mean the place is expensive but hey, moderation guys!

Cafè Katzentempel, Munich

Cafè Ketzentempel(by Kleopatra Polyzou)

Cafè Katzentempel (by Kleopatra Polyzou)

Apart from serving amazing vegetarian food at cat-cafe Cafè Katzentempel, the owners are very concerned with animal rights. In fact every year they give part of the earnings to animal welfare organizations.

Lehká hlava, Prague

Just a few steps from the famous Charles Bridge Lehká hlava is located in a 15th century house in a tiny dead end street. Lehká has great interior design and imaginative, healthy and delicious meals. As the translation of the name suggests, you will leave with a clear head and a full stomach!

Miit, Riga

Mitt(by Martins Veidemanis)

Mitt (by Martins Veidemanis)

Miit is the place in Riga for your vegetarian meals, but it’s more than just that! Apart from being a restaurant, it’s also a cafe, a shop, a workroom and on occasion there’s a DJ. But hey, everything is about the bicycles here!

Il Margutta Ristor Arte, Rome

Il Margotta Ristor Arte(pic by Il Margutta ristorarte)

Il Margotta Ristor Arte (by Il Margutta ristorarte)

I discovered that Rome is such a vegan friendly city with many restaurants and fast food for vegetarian/vegans and also for the ones who love raw food! By the way let’s go back where it all started at Il Margutta which is the first vegetarian restaurant in Italy. There’s no mistake in the name by the way. It’s called Restaur Art because besides being a restaurant it’s also an art gallery!

Troitckiy Most , Saint Petersburg

Troitckiy Most (by Rebecca Perkins)

Troitckiy Most (by Rebecca Perkins)

How can you be a vegetarian and not love salads? We know you do and at Troitckiy Most you can have amazing ones in one of the many locations they have spread around Saint Petersburg.  And yes, the interior is super nice with plenty of books to read.

Dream House, Sofia

Dream House( by Boyko Blagoev)

Dream House (by Boyko Blagoev)

In spite of having a strong meat food culture you can still find some meatless restaurants in Sofia. Safe to say Dream House is a great one! They offer different lunch menus and on Sunday an all you can eat buffet for just 10 lv (€ 5). Looks pretty impossible to find but that’s why you need Spotted by Locals! How to get there is tricky, in the article Boyko tells you how to reach the place!

Lao Wai, Stockholm

Lao Wai(by Natalia Urbanska)

Lao Wai (by Natalia Urbanska)

As Natalia said in her review Lao Wai isn’t just a vegetarian restaurant. This is THE Vegetarian restaurant! It offers many delicious, Chinese style, dishes in huge portions. Everyone in Stockholm loves this place, that’s why you should book in advance! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Von Krahli Aed, Tallinn

Von Krahli Aed(by Annina Narhi)

Von Krahli Aed (by Annina Narhi)

No matter if you follow a lactose- or gluten-free diet, or if you are simply vegan or vegetarian, there’s room for all of you in Von Krahli Aed, which has been chosen as one of 50 best Estonian restaurants. Even if it is located in the Old Town of Tallinn the place is not touristy and prices are still reasonable.

Harvest, Vienna

Harvest(by Julia Heiligenbrunner)

Harvest (by Julia Heiligenbrunner)

And there we go with another, this time totally vegan restaurant loved by non-vegetarian people like our Vienna Spotter Julia! She tells us about the food, and…that we should pay a visit to the toilet. Ok Julia…. now we have another reason to eat and…do other things at Harvest!

W Gruncie Rzeczy, Warsaw

W Gruncie Rzeczy(by Nitzan Reisner)

W Gruncie Rzeczy(by Nitzan Reisner)

What about vegan food in Warsaw huh? Yeah looks like things are changing in the old beloved Poland! You could love this place first of all for its motto: “Green. Locally. Consciously.” W Gruncie Rzeczy (literally translated as ‘essentially‘) serves vegan food from local sources and producers. And we all know how everything local tastes way better! Local Veg Bigos? Tak, Proszę!

So there you have a it! A small selection of great locals’ favorite vegetarian places throughout Europe. Of course there are many more to mention, so check out the locals’ tips for your city to see their vegetarian offer.

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