10 Best Local Vintage Shops in Europe

Everywhere you look there are shops that mirror history. And we’re not talking about museums or galleries, but about vintage (thrift) stores. Whether you want to dress yourself to mimic a part of history or accessorize yourself with retro pieces, there’s plenty on offer.

A small warning just ahead, there were so many options to choose from! And if you’re missing one from this list, or you don’t find your city among them, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great spot. Search for vintage on all our city blogs, and you’ll find many more!

1. Think Twice – Antwerp

Think Twice Antwerp (by Regina Janzen)

One of Regina Janzen’s (one of our Antwerp locals) favorite vintage store is Antwerp is Think Twice. “Like with most vintage stores it’s about feeling the history of all the items that gives it meaning”.

2. Szputnyik Shop – Budapest

Szputnyik shop Budapest (by Szputnyik Shops)

Szputnyik shops are fashion boutiques with a unique, eccentric and affordable offer of clothing. The purpose of the shops is to bring timeless fashion to the people, whilst keeping an eye on every detail. They combine vintage and modern style shopping. They have beautiful hand-selected pieces of high quality, whether it is new clothing or vintage/retro clothing, jewelry and accessories. Their selection is for both men and women! According to our Budapest local Michal “Szputnyik shop’s collection attracts experts and collectors, but also people who have a passion for fashion“.

3. Wm Armstrongs – Edinburgh

Wm Armstrongs in Edinburgh (by Stu Anderson)

Our Edinburgh local Stu Anderson thinks the best part about Wm Armstrongs is when you are looking for quite a fancy outfit or any kind of outfit, you’ll have a high likelihood to succeed here. “Armstrong’s is a great place to go if you are looking for a fancy dress costume, but I tend to go there to buy clothes for all occasions. There is a huge selection for both men and women, both casual and formal. If you’re a guy, and you go for a sort of grungy look like I do, there are plenty of flannel shirts and band t-shirts. Recently I found a hockey jersey of my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs at a very reasonable price! The stock changes regularly, so it’s worth going more than once – particularly quiet times of the year”.

4. SiTenne – Rome

SiTenne Rome (by Rudy Di Giacomo)

According to our Rome local Rudy Di Giacomo, SiTenne is not just a clothes shop, it’s a family! “Close to Piazza Vittorio, the shop is run energetically by the owner Alberta, her inspiring American muse Giulia, with genial incursions by the creative Valerio”.

5. Tommy Page – Amsterdam

Tommy Page Amsterdam (by Tommy Page)

Tommy Page is a bit different than other stores. This is because most stores have a focus on clothing for women, but Tommy Page also has great clothing for men! That’s exactly why our Amsterdam local Gerben van der Zwaard decided to share this spot with us! “Because simply put, Tommy has the most distinct and well-curated selection of vintage menswear in town”.

6. Šmizla – Belgrade

Šmizla Belgrade (by Svetlana Copic)

Our local Svetlana recommends: “Don’t go there in a hurry: venture into this vintage treasure trove when you have enough time to get lost, playing dress up and discovering rarities, wonders and oddities Šmizla keeps for its most playful and careful visitors“. Šmizla is filled with vintage and retro treasures, anything from 70s platforms to vintage kimonos to vinyl records! 

7. Play It Again Sam – Helsinki

Play It Again Sam Helsinki (by Antti Heimo)

A lot of stuff at Play it Again Sam, our Helsinki Spotter Antti’s favorite thrift shop, is available for rent. Therefore making it a popular choice for prom nights and parties of course!

8. Blue Rinse Vintage – Manchester

Blue Rinse Vintage Manchester (by Sarah Buckley)

Our Manchester local Sarah Buckley loves shopping in the Northern Quarter, and one of her favorite shops is Blue Rinse Vintage. “I sometimes find that vintage clothing can be really expensive, but Blue Rinse is bursting at the seams with reasonably priced fashion and I always find myself in the changing room armed with enough to clothe a small army”.

9. Velouria Vintage – Oslo

Velouria Vintage Oslo (by Lene Haugerud)

Lene Haugerud, one of our Oslo locals, thinks Velouria Vintage is the hippest thrift store in Oslo. Because of its collection of eccentric clothing and it’s immaculate window displays. “You might find a classic designer piece, but you might also find a nineties neon t-shirt with Minnie Mouse on it. For me, the treasure hunt is half the fun!”.

10. De’Žavu shop – Vilnius

De’Žavu Vilnius (by Kamilė Naraitė)

De’Žavu is our Vilnius local’s Kamilė Naraitė favorite thrift shop: “All vintage clothes have a story and it’s your choice: to continue it or to start anew”.

Is your favorite local vintage shop in your city not included? Become a Spotter and write about it! 

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