Vinyl Record Stores in Europe

Vinyl record stores are here to stay! The vinyl record we know today was born in the early 1900’s and ruled the music industry from the 1920’s and onwards. For a while there, in 1980, it seemed like the shiny and small CD had ruthlessly put down the vinyl record, but while its market was small the vinyl record was never really gone. Especially since 2008, the vinyl record has been making a comeback.

Of course our Spotters are very much aware of this and have dedicated articles to their favorite record store on their city’s up-to-date blog.  In this list you’ll find 10 examples of these favored record stores. Enjoy!

Fat kat records (pictured above). It’s collection is carefully selected by the owner. From second hand to brand new bands or artists, you can find almost anything here on vinyl!

Vinyl Microstore, Athens – Marilena Salamanou

The Vinyl Microstore is one two record stores spotted in Athens. It’s a large store with a wide variety of nearly anything musical, oh and a dog! The second store is 360, which has a wide variety of vinyl stock, from jazz to rock and dubstep, new and old!

According to Spotter Marcel Krueger, this ‘tower’ is the best of the two Tower Records stores in Dublin. With friendly staff and a great assortment of anything musical or technical, this is a must visit if you’re interested in acquiring some vinyl records.

Vinyl Villains, Edinburgh – Stu Anderson

With a very prominent window display, it’s hard to miss Edinburgh’s number one record store according to Stu Anderson. Vinyl Villains mostly deals in vinyl records, but has cd’s and dvd’s too. According to Spotter Stu, if you’re a music lover, you’ll love the warm sounds of an old skool vinyl record.

Music Mania, like the previous record store is situated in an impressive building. It’s certainly unique and very artistic. And that’s just the outside.

In Helsinki, there’s even a street with several record stores – Viiskulma! That’s why Spotter Lilu Nissinen-Turja calls this ‘record shop heaven’!

Paramount Books is, like the title says, more a bookstore than a record store. But it’s all about vintage and second hand, and also sells vinyl records. So it’s a great place to find that elusive old record or surprise yourself with an unknown band or artist.

Optimal, Munich – Viola Reise

Optimal was a find. A treasure really. With so many records, ranging from jazz to blues, to reggae,  you need hours to spend here. Something Spotter Viola Reise didn’t have when she first ventured in here. Now she’s the owner of a record player and one of Optimal’s regulars. With old and new music available here, she isn’t shopping at iTunes as often.

Spirit of Music & Free Bird are two shops located on Tratinska street in Zagreb. Both shops offer plenty of choices to their shoppers in regards to brilliant artists and bands on vinyl. They have various genres lined up in the store and Spotter Karla has some recommendations for you! When you’re a vinyl lover and in this street do visit both vinyl shops!

Are you always on the lookout for vinyl shops on your citytrips? Found any special ones? Let us know in the comments!

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