A visit to Reykjavik


Last weekend I was in Reykjavik… What a great little city!

Unfortunately we have no Spotters in Reykjavik (yet!), so I felt a bit disoriented without the Spotted by Locals app… Fortunately, some of my friends and Spotters (thank you Roy, Marilena & Marcel) who know Reykjavik quite well gave me some wonderful tips. 


Bar Rosenberg

The nighlife in Reykjavik is great – our favorite place was Bar Rosenberg where we were lucky to see the famous Icelandic folk singer Svavar Knutur.


In line for pylsur (hotdogs) at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

The food is really great… all Icelandic lambs roam freely, and you can taste the difference! Every fish dish we tried was amazing. And a visit to Reykjavik is not complete without having an Icelandic hotdog at Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur. Quite a few non-Icelandic people and publications have voted it “best hotdog in the world”. And it’s pretty good for sure!


Presidential “palace” & church Reykjavik

What stood out for me, is the simplicity and  small scale of most buildings in Reykjavik, and the open. Nothing is big and flashy (except maybe the beautiful Harpa concert hall), the building materials are simple (very few trees grow in Iceland – everything is imported), but it all looks very classy and elegant.

In the picture above (in the back) you can see the president’s “palace”. You could just walk up to the president’s house if you wanted to. No guards with big guns, no guards whatsoever in fact!


Harpa – Reykjavik’s amazing concert hall

If you know locals in Reykjavik, please ask the to spread the word and direct them towards our “become a Spotter” page. We will welcome them with open arms, starting a Spotted by Locals Reykjavik will give me a good reason to return to this lovely great little city!

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