Why You Should Follow Our Pinterest Boards

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Spotted by Locals has accounts on most of the main social media platforms. Our Pinterest account however is quite unique in its kind, which gives a different perspective and adds a lot of value to what we are doing on other platforms.

To begin with, Pinterest is probably one of the best sites when it comes to expressing creativity visually. That is to say, it gives you the chance to create boards and add new pictures to it. What is even more cool about Pinterest is that it is a huge source of inspiration and allows you to browse and find pictures of other people or other websites and “pin” them in case you are not the best photographer or just simply are in need of new ideas.

Now, having taken all the features that Pinterest offers into consideration we at Spotted by Locals realized that it is the perfect place to show our love for “our cities” in a visual way. Hence, on Pinterest we are able to look beyond the pictures that our Spotters provide us with for a particular city, and give our readers more detailed portrayals of the cities and anything related to them.

Below you can find some of the reasons why the boards of Spotted by Locals’ Pinterest account should definitely be in your “Following” list.

Not only city boards

Alongside the 66 city boards, our account has some general boards as well. Some of the examples of those boards are “street photography“, “city quotes“, “failed architecture” or just a collection of cool pictures that we could not actually give a title so we named it “mmmm“. This means that our pins are not only limited to the city pictures but basically anything that transfers the feeling of city life & local travel.

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There is so much more to a city than just a panoramic view of the well known architecture and we at Spotted by Locals realize this better than anybody. That is why urban installations, the people of various cities or the outdoor sports facilities are all a part of our Pinterest account.

Creativity at its peak

Pinterest gives us an opportunity to express our love for “our cities” in the most creative way. First of all, having a very wide range of artistic pictures of the cities to choose from, we are, to some extent, picky when it comes to the structure and quality of a picture. Thus, this makes our city boards a special collection of photos that were chosen very carefully before being re-pinned, shared from our blog or other photo sources.

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Furthermore, the “city illustrations” contains artistic visual illustrations of the cities of our blog, either pinned from other Pinterest users or from other sites on the web. So if you wonder how people show their love for their cites through colorful graphic illustrations, then this board should especially be paid a visit.

Always up-to-date boards

And finally, since we are in love with what Pinterest has to offer as a platform, we put a lot of effort in it and try to keep our boards as updated as possible. In other words, we add at least 3 daily posts to our city boards and update “general boards” weekly. This way we make sure we’re constantly providing our followers with new pictures that can serve as a source of inspiration for them and will give a more detailed overview of different corners of a specific city. Moreover, we engage with our followers on a daily basis and always remember to thank those who appreciate and pin our posts.

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What better way to find out what else we are doing on Pinterest than checking it out yourself? And let us know what you’d like us to pin, as a comment here or via a direct message on Pinterest!

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