“What you are doing is building bridges between us”

The beautiful words by our Rotterdam Spotter (and formerly Barcelona Spotter) Cinthya Uribe read out load on #spottersweekend2018!

“Two years ago, I was not expecting to be here. Hoping, yes, but not expecting to be back so fast. And that worried me – because as one grows older you realize how difficult and important is to feel part of something. How fragile is the notion of pertenence to a group not defined by a border or a passport.

Thus, the main thing I want to tell you today, again, is thank you. Thank you for making a space for a community. Thank you for believing that we can be your eyes and ears and tastebuds and noses in all our cities. Thank you for giving us the present of owning our cities, of understanding that there are more ways of pertinence than a document which states your nationality, whatever that is.

I go back to the national discussion because we are living dangerous, dark times. Because the ideas of free transit and cosmopolitanism, of free identity that we have defended are currently under siege. And we should not forget it – the only way to fight it is knowing that it is happening.

Don’t get me wrong: I love what my passports represent. Lucky me, owner of two. But I also love to know that im much more that a leaflet to collect visas and other kind of rites of passage.

Sanne and Bart: what you are doing, building bridges between us, is a pure and clear act of political resistance. Thank you for making us experience this as the normal. To let us learn how we should find common codes to understand each other, beyond a concern for correctness. That living simply doesnt mean living poorly, but making the most of what we have, connecting to all what makes us unique.

Im notoriously bad at predicting the future, happily. And I seriously hope that all my worries about our carbon footprint and rising nationalisms in the world are only a sign of me growing old. In any case, I thank you profoundly for keeping this window of fresh air open: for helping us see, one more time, that what unites us is way stronger that the things that divide us. And that a cosy meal or a forest walk may always be a good way of reconnecting to whom we always wished we were.”

Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)