Best Boston Blogs – Our Favorites for 2021

We selected the best independent Boston blogs for 2021. Find our local favorites here in alphabetical order! is a network that connects chefs, diners, and brands through a shared passion for food and drink. Here you can find all the best places for food and drinks as well as the latest events happening in the restaurant scene!

Boston Chic Party

The Boston Chic Party is a blog founded and run by Jenna. She writes about a multitude of subjects including fashion, entertaining, and Boston. Check out her “Boston Buzz” tab for some nice tips, but don’t skip her fashion tag for some ideas on what to pack!

The Boston Day Book

The Boston Day Book is written by sisters Laura and Natalie. On here you will find lots of nice family friendly tips for the city, but don’t skip it if you don’t have any kids with you because a lot of them are also fun for adult travelers!

Boston Hassle

The Boston Hassle is a blog brought to you by the musicians, artists, writers, and enthusiasts of the Boston area. It gets updated daily and provides you all the information on events from the independent and (sub)cultural music, art, and film scene of Boston. you can find an event calendar but also blog posts about the general cultural scene.

Boston Mamas

Boston Mamas is a huge resource for everything kids in Boston! It was founded by Christine but has grown to include a multitude of writers. We really love their weekly and monthly post of cool activities you can do with your family.


DigBoston is as they put it themselves “a one-stop nexus for everything worth doing or knowing in the Boston area” and we couldn’t agree more! They have a whole world of information on, but not limited to, museums, concerts, where to shop, and where to eat.

Sound of Boston

Sound of Boston is an online music publication that covers the culture, events, and artists from Boston. They are there to prove that the world does not need to wait on good sound from Boston but that it already exists. They offer reviews and a list of all the independent venues in town. The coolest part is that you can discover all the local music on their blog!

The Food Lens

The Food Lens is an online blog that provides good reviews of the best places to eat in town. The content isn’t crowd-sourced; instead, it’s highly curated by a small team of experts who call this city home. The Food Lens does not accept payment or trade for coverage, resulting in authentic and reliable content. A cool detail is their “can’t miss dish” where they highlight one dish at a restaurant that one must absolutely try.

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