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Eva Lelkesová (1983)

About me
I moved to Bratislava in 2002; in order to study Hungarian language and literature, aesthetics and law and well, after my studies – despite my initial plans of escape 🙂 – I started to work and do so till today utilizing mostly my legal base.

To compensate business life I do everything but business in my free time. I hang out with my friends, travel, watch good movies in Lumiere cinema, visit the theater to enjoy some contemporary dance performances, go to concerts and exhibitions, read, do yoga… and I sleep and dream.

Why I love Bratislava?
Bratislava is a relatively small city for being a capital, but that is exactly the thing I like about it. Comfortable and cozy :). No big traffic jams, no crowd; just a nice walk and you cross the pretty historical old town; a few minutes of driving and you cross the whole city :).

I also love its location – being in the heart Europe makes it easy to travel east and west, north and south :).

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