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Lea Kostolná (1991)

About me
Hello, my name is Lea and I have been living in Bratislava my whole life. I studied abroad for a brief moment, and I love travelling all around the world, but my city has a very special place in my heart and right now I cannot imagine living anywhere else. I work as a lawyer in the finance sector, (don’t imagine any of that Ally McBeal fun) but during my free time I love to read fantasy books and drink coffee or beer in local pubs and cafés with friends or by myself. I just love to soak in the atmosphere of the city and discovering all of its hidden gems.

Why Bratislava
Bratislava has been my home my whole life and what I love about this city is that it is never the same but always feels the same. Like its citizens, the city is constantly changing and improving, but in the end it’s not the most glamorous place in the world, which is exactly why I love living here. Bratislava has so much potential!

I mentioned the citizens of Bratislava and that’s because they are in my opinion a big part of its charm. The people who live here are the worst critics of the city but I am convinced that they are, as am I, deeply in love with our city and its imperfections, and that’s why they are constantly working on improving our little-big “pearl of the Danube”.

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