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Martin Jusko (1982)

About me
I’m Martin – a Bratislava based ordinary guy.

I studied Marketing and Tourism at local universities, where I met wonderful people who I became friends with. I have been exploring the city with them, while drinking beer for couple of years!

I am now working for an online food ordering portal in Bratislava (Ham Bratislava).

I like urban traveling very much and coming home even more. I have a great passion for friends, food, art, bikes, movies and city life.

Everything important I have done or experienced was here in Bratislava.

Why Bratislava?
This is my home, this is where I live. I want to share, what I think is really nice here. It is a service for my friends, tourists and also to my city.

Bratislava is on the way to fulfilling its goals and there are many opportunities to be a part of the whole process. I want to see and to feel how Bratislava is changing. So many things have been done in last few years, like the new bike-trails, farmers market, concept stores, more cafes etc. I like how it is growing.

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