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Paulina Popjakova (1988)

About me
My name is Paulina and I am a workaholic auditor, but fortunately I always find time for some good food, good movies and good places :).

I used to be a big traveller, but after years of living and studying abroad in countries such as France, Italy and Belgium, I finally managed to settle in the wonderful city of Bratislava.

The stays abroad created my need for a concept such as Spotted by Locals and now I use it during all my vacation trips. Since I like writing a lot and probably have a sort of special radar to find good spots, I am so happy to be a contributor and to share my findings with the Bratislava visitors!

Why Bratislava?
Bratislava is small and big at the same time. You feel so much at home in the little streets of the old town, and at the same time you have the possibility to go out and explore the opportunities of metropolitan life.

I love the proximity of the Danube, the nearby forests, the wide range of sporting facilities, the interesting places to go out as well as the handy shopping centers.

In Bratislava, you can have it all :).

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