Biking Rules Bratislava

Image by Eva Lelkesova

Biking Rules – From the river to the hills

Bratislava is and is not the city of bikers. It is, since there are great bike routes on both sides of the Danube leading along the city as well as amazing ones in the hills of Malé Karpaty for the ones loving adventure. And it is not, because besides those ones there are only a limited number of bike paths within the city. Therefore your way to get to the Danube or to the hills is either to take your bike and risk your life among the cars, or to put your bike into your car and drive to the spot safely.

The routes on the shores of the river are part of the fantastic route Eurovelo 6, leading from the Atlantic Ocean / France to the Black sea / Romania. You can either cross Bratislava on your way from Vienna to Budapest, or you can enjoy the bike routes in our neighborhood.

The smallest circle you can do within the city is to cross the Danube from Eurovea past the Apollo Bridge and continue on your way to the right. You can enjoy the view of the old town or you can even go up to UFO at the New Bridge and enjoy the helicopter view from there. The Lafranconi Bridge is the last one, where you can come back to the old town and return to Eurovea on this side.

The weather is just perfect for biking, so come to Bratislava to take the adventure :).

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