Kuchajda Lake Bratislava

Image by Eva Lelkesova

Kuchajda Lake – Lunch time relaxing

Kuchajda Lake is one of the artificial, but still cool, lakes of Bratislava, which serves to relax you all year around. In summer you can swim or water bike in its chilly waters, in winter it might turn to be a great outdoor ice skating surface.

The area of Kuchajda is also visited by hungry ones, since there are a few restaurants  here – not the very best ones I must say. However, in spring and summer time, if you want to try something really Slovak, then go to one of the stands offering local fast food and order the following: either a fresh baked fish with bread and pickles or “langoš” – another tasty, kind of salty cake of raised dough, flavored with garlic and served with salty cream and cheese topping. To quench your thirst, order a draft beer or kofola. The latter might be new phenomenon for you. Kofola, the Czechoslovak speciality, the so-called socialist coke gained back its fame, and is THE Slovak national soft drink again :).

Kuchajda is just fair enough to have lunch at. After filling your tummy you can promenade around the lake and gather your energy for the other half of the day. The further you go, the more people you’ll see training by to the lake, so once you take a walk there, the minimum that would happen is that you will be motivated to do some sports…some day:)

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Tomášikova , Bratislava

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24 hours daily
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