Mačacia Kaviareň Mačinézy Bratislava

Image by Lea Kostolná

Mačacia Kaviareň Mačinézy – Cats, cakes & care

I think that the title of this article itself should be enough of an advertisement, but let me elaborate. The concept of Mačinézy is simple but heart-warming.

In one room is a cozy coffee shop offering good coffee, lemonades and absolutely delicious home-made cakes. In the second room you can find an animal shelter focused on giving a temporary home to several beautiful cat. During your stay, you can visit them, play with them and cuddle them. They are all looking for a permanent home, so people can also adopt them if they fell in love with one or a couple of the animals.

The rooms are separate, so even if half of your travel group is allergic, you can still come and enjoy food and drinks — and also shopping! The owners of Mačinézy are really passionate about helping animals, so every month they organize their own flea market inside the space of the coffee shop. The proceedings are all donated to different animals shelters or organizations that are helping animals all around Slovakia.

If you do not like coffee or cake and you think of yourself as more of a “dog person”, I still recommend visiting this place, simply because the clothes, shoes, bags and accessories on display are amazing. I’m speaking as a proud owner of a beautiful coat and a vintage bag I got for a bargain price. This place will give you a fuzzy feeling inside. Get it? Fuzzy. Because cats.

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Čajakova 1, Bratislava

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Mon - Fri 11:00 - 21:00


Cappuccino: € 2

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