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Nettah Yoeli - Rimmer (1984)

About me
I am passionate about cities. From the chaotic creativity of Asian metropolises to the elegant sophistication of ancient European capitals, I love the energy and dynamism of urban life.

I travel as often as humanly possible to discover new places and return to old favourites, seeking out the unusual, the contradictory that lurks beneath the everyday.

I grew up on the rainy northeast coast of England before moving to London to study languages at UCL. I then lived in Japan for a year, studied an MA in European Cultures at Cambridge and am currently pursuing a PhD in Spanish Literature.

I have been living in Brussels since 2010 and alongside my research I also work on various writing projects about urbanism and architecture and give freelance tours of the city and others in Europe.

Why Brussels?
I love the eclectic anarchy of Brussels. It is a city where anything goes and people revel in hybridity and confusion. Brussels is at once extremely international and strangely provincial; busy and eerily quiet.

Each neighbourhood of Brussels can feel like a different country, let alone a different town, which gives the city a unique feel. It has stunningly beautiful buildings from Gothic to Art Nouveau and every house is defiantly different from its neighbour. For a relatively small city it has so much going on, overflowing with culture, theatre and an exceptional live music scene.

The people here come from all over the world and generally a multilingual and cosmopolitan outlook prevails. The beer is delicious, the chocolate exquisite and the many small bars are cosy and inviting.

Where can you find me online?
I write about cities and architecture on urbis et orbi and occasionally write articles for and Aspenia online. You can also find some of my photography on Flickr.
Or check out my interview with Spotted by Locals here.

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