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Image by Audrey Brooking

Kunstenfestivaldesarts – All you need is art

Ever so often the world can turn into a more beautiful place. One of those times for me is the month of May.

Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international art festival. It takes place in May every year all over the city. Some of the best contemporary artists from around the world gather to give all they’ve got and show that to you. You can expect a wide variety of dazzling artistry: theatre, dance, performances, (interactive) installations, films and other hard-to-classify art forms somewhere in-between.

What exactly makes this festival so special?

The locations for one. Besides occupying the biggest and smallest theatres, some events take place in parking lots cleared for the occasion, in abandoned buildings, in people’s homes or simply in the street. It is all part of a dream-process for a better use of Brussels’ many spaces. Besides this, the people: both the festival team, artists and audience show exceptional kindness. Next, the inclusiveness: the festival really strives to get Brussels’ many different groups involved in the event. During the festival a new city gradually takes shape. A transformation not only in imagination, but in reality. Still not convinced? OK: you can also dance your buttocks off with an international crowd at one of the free parties at the festival centre during weekends.

Tickets can be bought at the festival centre, via the website or via tickets@kfda.be. Maybe we’ll run into each other!

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May 7 - May 28 2022 (check schedule)


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